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9 Neighborhoods Celebrities Love

Image: You already know Hollywood is series 1, though that’s substantially only due to convenience. Here are a neighborhoods of cities opposite a United States with a top race of celebrities, so if we wish to live a life of luxe, squeeze adult some primary genuine estate in one of these 9 places.

Supermodel Isabeli Fontana Goes to India for a Good Cause

Image: Jean-Marc Giboux The Brazilian tip indication Isabeli Fontana is not an “Angel” though a good reason. Besides her conform shows with Victoria’s Secret, Isabeli has also been a Rotary’s ambassador for polio eradication, assisting to raise recognition of finale polio worldwide given 2013. She has appeared in the Rotary’s “This Close” campaign, lifting her ride and forefinger with a tagline “we’re this tighten to finale polio”. Recently, […]

Photo Gallery: Jessica Alba’s Beautiful Family Vacation

Image: Jessica Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, took their dual poetic daughters on a open mangle getaway in the Caribbean. Jessica shows of a super fun outing by posting a print of a kids, Honor and Haven, swimming in a pool with an extraordinary view, as good as a whole organisation lounging around. She’s looking […]

Michael Jordan Trash Talks Tom Brady in Bahamas

What happens when Michael Jordan and Tom Brady are vacationing on a same island? They strike a basketball justice with pals! While unresolved out in a Bahamas, Jordan showed off his skills to Brady while articulate some rabble in a pickup game. “You guys don’t have YouTube? Man, we improved put on Michael Jordan, for real” […]

Video: Watch Tom Brady Cliff Jumping in Costa Rica

While on vacation in Costa Rica with his family, Tom Brady showed off his gallantry by jumping several stories from a precipice into a pool of water. Of march his hunny Gisele Bundchen offers her support while his kids watch on with love.

From Paris Hilton to Jared Leto, Celebrities Love Coachella

The initial weekend of Coachella kicks off this Friday, and we can design copiousness of famous faces in a crowds and during parties all around a Coachella Valley, California. With mud-covered wellies, denim shorts, floppy hats, and independent sundresses, when it comes to Coachella, celebrities can chuck on any pointless multiple of things from a closet and look […]

Fight Club: Celebrities Who Enjoy a Sport of Boxing

Image: Last Saturday, a so called “Fight of a Century”, accumulate a vast series of celebrities and uncover business members during a MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. For a moment, this fabulous place for fighting became a red runner where Hollywood stars, singers and athletes travel by to a pleasure of photographers and […]

Queen B’s Extravagant Vacations

Image: This pleasing singer, songwriter, dancer and singer is one of a world´s many famous, dear and sexiest celebrities. Beyoncé is a sum diva; she likes vital a oppulance life, roving to a fanciest and many remote places with a association of her family. Here are some of a best ‘Sasha Fierce´s’ vacations.

The Private Jets of a Rich and Famous

Instagram: steveaoki Luxury, first-class attention, impracticable life, and a most comfortable means of transport are some of a advantages of apropos a universe famous personality. Come and see how some of a rich and famous say goodbye to prolonged waits during airports and miss of legroom.

How to Vacay a Justin Bieber Way

Image: This good artist likes to transport around a universe and have some fun. Alone, surrounded by friends, with his family or with a association of a special someone, doesn’t matter. Justin Bieber goes hard. Luxury, extravagance, parties and uncontrollable stupidity is what you´ll find in a life of this singer, who notwithstanding his immature […]