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5 Lessons Learned Couch Surfing in Amsterdam

Couch surfing has always been on my transport bucket list. If you’re not informed with cot surfing, it’s a talent approach to bond travelers with a country’s internal residents. You get to eat how they eat and live how they live in a some-more insinuate environment reduction a high cost we would compensate to get […]

Been there. Done that. What’s Next? 8 Epic Travel Adventures for 2015

Snowmobiled to a aurora borealis; snorkeled a Galapagos. Been there. Blackwater rafted New Zealand’s glow-worm caves; communed with orangutans in Borneo. Done that. Took Rio’s favela tour; and ill of silt in each entrance after Burning Man. What’s next? Been there. Done that. What’s Next? Indeed, what? Okay, so we might be The World’s Most […]

Who Even Knew Airports Had Yoga Rooms?

Luggage. Passport. Yoga mat. A zenned-out airfield experience. Finally. Photo by Cyrena Lee. By Cyrena Lee for Fathom | Rush by airfield traffic. Drag bags by circuitous check-in line. Unload and reload during security. Squeeze into chair and shake off cramps for hours to come. Cyrena Lee interrupts a stupidity of aeroplane transport to find […]

10 Best Kept Secrets of Grand Cayman

Wherever we go on vacation or travel, renouned sites and locations are renouned for a reason. Whatever their attraction, either it be a pleasing perspective or a juicy dish or an surprising land formation, activity or attraction, they have been attempted and tested and been proven to be value your time and bid to get […]

9 Things we Am Thankful for Because of #Travel

Happy Thanksgiving! What a good day it is to spend time with friends and family, indulge in approach too most turkey and stuffing, take a nap, arise up, prepared another image and simulate on all a extraordinary things we are grateful for. For me personally, we have utterly a few equipment on my thankfulness list […]

Off-Season Mallorca: In Praise of Quiet Landscapes

Fog rests atop a blue-green plateau as a circuitous highway comes into perspective of a rustic, sandstone encampment of Valldemossa. Colorful leaflet lines a high and slight streets, and a smell of wood-burning fireplaces fills a air. Light sleet mists opposite a thespian backdrop of a Serra de Tramuntana towering range, providing an windy ambience […]

Diving Wonders of a World

On Oct 16, we commenced a tour from Seattle to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Two flights and 12 hours later, we energetically arrived, impatiently waded by customs, done a few second array stop for a compulsory heat screening (due to a Ebola outbreak) and was greeted by a energetic immature male who would be my motorist […]

3 Ways Technology Can Make Travel Easier

By Geoff Kohl, arch transport editor for Where® Behind a scenes of your balmy vacation during a beach is a dark-arts universe of technology. It’s a organisation of fresh, immature minds, and they accumulate a few times a year around a universe for drinks, to hear from peers, to brainstorm and whiteboard and to find […]

7 Fantastic Off-The-Grid U.S. Travel Destinations You’ve Probably Never Considered

  Sure, it’s fun to book a weekend in renouned American cities like Miami, New York and Los Angeles. But some of my favorite jaunts are in cities we competence not expect. So I’ve curated a list of some implausible off-grid getaways to take in opposite a U.S.  Kansas City Kansas City is famously distant […]

How Technology Can Ease a Stress of Holiday Travel

If we are streamer out of city during a busiest transport deteriorate of a year, we might wish to take advantage of what record has to offer to palliate a holiday stress. From apps that will warning we when your craft is behind to hotels that will lend we an iPhone horse for free, here […]