5 Lessons Learned Couch Surfing in Amsterdam



Couch surfing has always been on my transport bucket list.

If you’re not informed with cot surfing, it’s a talent approach to bond travelers with a country’s internal residents. You get to eat how they eat and live how they live in a some-more insinuate environment reduction a high cost we would compensate to get on an packed double-decker debate train brisk with tourists and their imagination cameras. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing touristy stuff! But sometimes, it’s good to knowledge things differently and though all a guidebooks and maps. With cot surfing however, internal residents or hosts of a cot surfing village open adult their homes to surfers, giveaway of charge, creation we feel like a loyal insider and also permitting a event for a genuine informative exchange.

From a unequivocally initial dusk my crony and we met a hosts in Amsterdam — dual immature veteran lady from Turkey — it seemed as if we had all been friends forever. We spent hours sitting around a list articulate about a adore for travel, all of a places we have been and all of a places we will try to next. We listened to music, switching from RB to Turkish song and fist-pumped a approach by a fun-filled night during a internal bar. We common several dishes together — swapping between them scheming food for us and us scheming food for them. On a final night in Amsterdam, we took an dusk wander to a internal grill and enjoyed burgers and drink right before sprinting to a Metro hire only in time for me to locate a final train to Paris. Running by Amsterdam on a full stomach while examination my hosts sprinting forward of me and holding my luggage above their conduct is a memory we won’t ever forget.

Looking behind on my extraordinary knowledge with my new friends, there are 5 things my cot surfing knowledge in Amsterdam has taught me that can presumably assistance we if we are adventurous to exam a waters to hang 10 on bizarre couches:

1. There are approach some-more people who wish to assistance we than mistreat you.
Initially, a whole cot surfing thought did weird me out. Staying in someone’s home that we accommodate over a Internet sparks a whole list of misgivings. What if they aren’t friendly? What if they try to take my things? What if they try to mistreat me? Practicing a certain spin of counsel when selecting to knowledge cot surfing is always a contingency and determining who to stay with should always be formed on your tummy instinct. Carefully reading by a hosts’ form also creates a preference routine easier since we are means to get a feel for their celebrity and see if there are identical interests. Nine times out of 10 though, a chairman is submissive and only as fervent to accommodate you, as we are to accommodate them!

2. Be some-more guileless anyway.
Regardless of if I’m roving by Europe or unresolved out in my hometown, cot surfing taught me to relax a tiny and not have so many reservations about any singular chairman we meet. Building adult walls doesn’t concede we to knowledge all of a good things that are out there watchful on we to soak adult if you’re always on amber warning about any tellurian who might not demeanour like you, sound like we or have a same beliefs as you. Everyone is so singular and training to welcome those differences, even if a chairman primarily seems a tiny puzzling can spin out to be what we slightest expected. As prolonged as we are in protected surroundings, take a time to get to know them and listen to their story. It might not be too opposite from your own.

3. You don’t need most to survive.
Sleeping on my hosts’ cot and pity their unit with 4 other people done me comprehend that nonetheless we adore carrying my possess space in my apartment, we technically don’t need it to live a gentle and happy life. Oxygen, food and H2O are a biggest life essentials. A king-sized bed with satin sheets and room use on a other palm is not a life essential.

4. Leave expectations during a doorway and go with a flow.
Having high expectations can be so taxing, generally when it comes to staying with a stranger. I’m large on cleanliness so we was unequivocally shaken about what a hosts’ lavatory would demeanour like. Would a showering have a Mr. Clean sparkle? Would a penetrate be toothpaste and hair free? Since we finished adult staying with men, we didn’t have to worry about a hair partial and their lavatory was super good by a way! But in a grand intrigue of things, do all of my “non-negotiables” even matter? Am we unequivocally going to Amsterdam to hang out in a lavatory all day anyway? When it comes to roving and experiencing new cultures, new people and a opposite approach of life, it’s best to only let a tiny nitpicky things go.

5. We’re different, though we’re not that different.
No matter where we go or who we meet, a infancy of us only wish to live happy lives surrounded by good people and we all commend that a grin is a concept denunciation of kindness. So that’s always a good place to start. Our cultures might be different, we might eat opposite foods, and we any might conclude complacency differently though ultimately, we are all on a tour in hunt of something.

This post creatively seemed on Jaimee’s blog, This Way North.

Photo Credit: WhatJaiSees

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