Chef Teddy Bouroncle Dishes on What to Taste in Aruba



Aruba mostly gets some-more press for a primitive beaches than for a cuisine, though a little isle does vast things when it comes to nosh. Because some-more than 90 nationalities call Aruba home, a Dutch Caribbean country’s food mimics a brew of cultures.

Naturally, a Netherlands has shabby a island’s cuisine, namely in a dairy department, and it was a Dutch who began stuffing a rinds of Gouda or Edam cheeses with beef list scraps–and now that image is an Aruban tack called keshi yena. Colombia has also had a influence, heading a island to rise a possess versions of a arepa, empanada and sancocho soup.

Chef Teddy Bouroncle, a Aruba Marriott Resort’s recently acquired Peruvian internal formidable executive chef, has baked around a universe and is now bringing new piquancy to a island’s life.

From Gouda pressed funchi, a cornmeal origination same to polenta, to seafood keshi yena, Bouroncle’s transport is uninformed and uncommon, and he is now portion it adult via a Aruba Marriott’s 7 bars and restaurants.

So, if you’re formulation to visit, here’s a demeanour during what has shabby Chef Bouroncle, and what he recommends for a loyal ambience of Aruba.

How has your Peruvian birthright shabby how we ready Aruban dishes?

My Peruvian birthright has done me plea a locals by introducing some-more spices to a Aruban dishes. we am severe them by proposing spices they are not used to such as a Peruvian chili. we use this on my seafood keshi yena. (Note: Find a chef’s recipe for seafood keshi yena below).

What was your must-have image flourishing up?

My favorite image was unequivocally piquancy fish ceviche. Ceviche is prepared with tender fish, orange juice, cilantro, garlic and limo chili. This was a image that was prepared on weekends during my residence regulating unequivocally white fish like teeter or corvine. This image is unequivocally uninformed and usually takes 5 mins to prepare. The tip in scheming this image is to supplement a salt first, a reason since is since a salt starts to ready a fish prior, and this creates a leche de tigre (this is a white extract of a ceviche). we make this for my family and me too. My sons adore sharp food, however my daughter doesn’t, so when we ready a ceviche we need to make dual batches.

So, what is a normal Aruban meal?

The many normal image an Aruban family would have is low boiled red limp with creole sauce, funchi and boiled plantains.

What creates Aruban cuisine opposite from other cuisines around a world?

I consider what creates Aruban cuisine so opposite is a fact that even a normal cuisine is stoical of many opposite cultures. You get a ambience of everything, either it’s stewed black beans, curry chicken, arepa, corn bread, patacones, jerk chicken, immature pea soup and even lasagna.

What’s a one image on a island we can’t live without, and where’s a best place to get it?

The fish ceviche during Waves grill located during a Aruba Marriott Resort. We use Mahi Mahi for this ceviche following a normal Peruvian recipe as mentioned above, though instead of regulating limo chili we use Madam Janette (a internal chili). We offer a ceviche with what we call a candied honeyed potato, that is boiled in orange juice, sugar, star anise, cloves and cinnamon.

What are some other can’t skip restaurants in Aruba?

Zeerovers, a Old Fisherman and Marriott’s La Vista lobster night on Saturdays. we like eating during Zeerovers since they offer uninformed fish, that is held during that impulse and prepared for you. Sometimes we can see a vessel nearing during a dock, that is partial of a restaurant, and we can even collect your possess fish. At a Old Fisherman they have an extraordinary boiled corn bread, that they offer with cheese. And if you’re a lobster addict, La Vista is a place to be. You can eat all a lobster we want.

Besides food and drink, what do travelers need to see in Aruba?

The smashing beaches: Eagle Beach on Sunday morning (during a weekdays we would cite Boca Catalina), Arikok National Park, Baby Beach and a Natural Pool.


3½ tbsp. olive oil
1 vast red onion
¼ crater garlic
1 vast tomato
2 tbsp. dusty oregano
3½ tbsp. tomato paste
½ crater white wine
¼ lb. calamari
¼ lb. scallops
¼ lb. shrimp
¼ crater red bell peppers
¼ crater immature peas
¾ crater complicated cream
3½ tbsp. butter
7 oz. sliced Gouda


1. In a sauté pan, supplement olive oil, red onions, garlic.
2. Add tomato pulp and oregano.
3. Add a seafood and sauté, adding white booze and butter, brew for several minutes.
4. Add complicated cream, red bell peppers, a splash of cilantro, and immature peas and cook until seafood is cooked. Salt and peppers to taste.
5. In a tiny enclosure (oven resistant), place half of a Gouda slices during a bottom, supplement a seafood mix, cover a tip with a remaining cheese and place in a oven to bake for 10 mins during 450 F.

(Image pleasantness Christine Wei)

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