How To Land The Best Housesitting Gigs Around The World


By Yvonne Bauche,

This essay comes to us pleasantness of, a world’s heading management on how to live, work, invest, travel, and retire improved overseas.

Do we wish to transport and representation opposite retirement lifestyles, though have a singular budget? Housesitting might be your answer. Our initial housesit was 3 years ago. Since afterwards we have lived rent-free in Tuscan farmhouses, French vineyards, Spanish casitas, English birthright homes, oppulance Costa Rican villas, and a jungle shelter in Belize.


In sell for looking after a house, garden, pets, and pool, my father Michael and we have saved around $24,000 in accommodation costs.

Whether we wish a dream vacation or to representation a retirement destination, a pretence to being successful is to mount out from a crowd. Competition is fierce, with many homeowners receiving 20 to 60 responses to their “house sitter needed” advertisements.

Here’s how we can join this organisation of savvy travelers and measure a best housesitting gigs around a world. First, register on during slightest one residence sitter site. We use and These online sites concede we to build a “profile.” Your form allows a homeowner to know who we are and since we can be devoted adequate to be invited into their home.


We suspicion about a form as a sales page. Good selling addresses a fears and frustrations of a customer and provides a resolution or benefit. Put yourself in a boots of homeowners who are deliberation handing over their largest singular investment (their home) to strangers. Their concerns and fears might include:

• Are a animals going to accept a amatory courtesy they deserve?

• Is a residence sitter going to mount me adult before we leave or while we am away?

• If something goes wrong, will a sitter be means to hoop a situation?

• Will my garden be a empty solitude on my return?

Then come adult with responses, that residence those concerns directly:

• You have knowledge with pets/livestock

• You are a arguable homeowner or tenant

• You keep your word

• You are a gardener or handyman and good during problem-solving

Incorporate these advantages into your profile. Successful profiles include:

• Your personal story

• The advantages we yield a homeowner

• Photographs of you, your home, and garden

• Photographs of we with your and other people’s pets

• Excellent impression references (very critical if no before housesitting experience)

• Glowing endorsements from prior housesitting clients

We wrote a possess initial impression references and afterwards asked a friends and employers to fine them. We’ve also used homeowners’ feedback as a basement of created testimonials. We usually wrote adult a testimonial, sent it to them, and asked for accede to use it. It creates life easier for them and we get a intense testimonial.

Having a rapist record check and an general driver’s permit supplement credibility, as does carrying your possess personal housesitting website (ours is

These are easy to set up. Sites such as and offer processed themes for a tiny hosting fee. When we hit homeowners for a initial time, we always advise a owners “refer to a form and a website for some-more information about us.”

To mount out serve from a crowd, we combined a brief rudimentary video of ourselves. This gives homeowners a aloft turn of comfort about who we are and since they should trust you. It also creates a website easier to find when homeowners use Internet hunt engines. That leads to homeowners’ contacting us directly. An offer for dual months on a Pacific seashore of Costa Rica came in this week since of this.

Once your form is in place, set your countries of seductiveness and your “alerts” — that is, a notifications — around email when a homeowner posts a housesitter-needed announcement that fits your criteria. Simply follow a site’s prompts.

Set your alerts for present presentation of new postings. This is how we got a subsequent housesit — 3 weeks in St. Lucia. The presentation came in while we were online. We responded immediately and within 8 hours we had perceived a response from a homeowner, set adult and finished a Skype “interview,” and perceived acknowledgment that we were their selected sitters. In this case, fitness played a part, as we were a initial to respond and we already had skeleton to be in a Caribbean during that time, creation us fascinating candidates.

You can boost your chances of a response from a homeowner by:

• Responding immediately to email alerts that seductiveness you, though usually if we fit their requirements. (If they wish a singular vegetarian lady and we are a integrate of carnivores, it will not work for possibly of you.)

• Getting noticed. Think delicately about what we put in your email’s theme line. You wish a reader to be intrigued and open it. We know that homeowners will not review each response, generally if they arrive into an already-flooded mailbox.

• Personalizing your response. Our initial housesit concerned dogs, cats, chickens, and a garden. We told them we adore dogs and cats, that Michael reared chickens as a teenager, and that we have a immature thumb. If we fit their requirements, discuss that in your initial sentence. If they give a pets’ names, discuss them and explain how we can accommodate their needs.

• Ask them to demeanour during your form (the couple is enclosed with your reply) and yield your website residence if we have one.

Before we click “send,” check for spelling and abbreviation mistakes. If we are messy with your spelling, does that meant we are messy around someone else’s house?

Note: Save any questions we have until after they have responded. For your initial contact, hang to giving them a information.

Once we have a response from a homeowners and they wish to pronounce with you, we are in a running. Thus far, each time we’ve done it to this theatre we have landed a housesitting gig.

We use Skype so we can speak face-to-face, permitting both of us to bond and build trust. Be as veteran as possible. This is an talk routine for both of you. Be punctual and prepared with any questions we have. Always ask a homeowners if they have any questions for you. Answer those and afterwards ask your questions. Most owners will let we know possibly on a call or shortly after either or not we got it.

Not all of a housesits have come by these sites; 3 have been by friends who asked us to lay while they took off. They embody a family wanting to shun a Olympic mayhem of their London home. Be artistic and let family and friends know your skeleton around email and Facebook. Cast your net wide: Who knows what you’ll catch?


Once we have finished your initial assignment, ask for a referral. One successful housesit can lead to mixed offers in a same area — we had 4 offers following a lay in Costa Rica. Remember that people mostly take yearly vacations and will build long-term relations with you.

Our final tip is to omit a recommendation your mom gave you: Talk to strangers and have a business label to give them. A possibility assembly over coffee final year led to an offer of one month in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

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