Off-Season Mallorca: In Praise of Quiet Landscapes


Fog rests atop a blue-green plateau as a circuitous highway comes into perspective of a rustic, sandstone encampment of Valldemossa. Colorful leaflet lines a high and slight streets, and a smell of wood-burning fireplaces fills a air. Light sleet mists opposite a thespian backdrop of a Serra de Tramuntana towering range, providing an windy ambience to a still afternoon.


View of Valldemossa, Mallorca; print credit: Katy Miller

This is not a picture that came to mind a initial time we graphic Mallorca, a largest of a Balearic Islands in a western Mediterranean. Mallorca might be a renouned end for lovers of sun, silt and beach resorts, though it has most some-more to offer, including beautifully-preserved and untried landscapes.

I recently took a brief getaway to Valldemossa and Deià in northwestern Mallorca. In a off-season, these are a ideal places to spend a few days relaxing amid lush, immature panorama and stately autumn foliage. The impossibly lifelike settings of these little villages have garnered them a place on many a summer traveller channel when a streets are undiluted with debate buses, though they are stunningly willing during this time of year.

Nestled a few kilometers detached within a Serra de Tramuntana, Valldemossa and Deià are usually about half an hour from a collateral Palma de Mallorca. The area has abounding and sundry history, and Valldemossa’s name dates behind to a Moorish conquest: “Vall de Musa” (Valley of Musa, a Moorish ruler).

Valldemossa provides a good bottom for hiking and is famous for a Chopin connection, while Deià has prolonged been home to expat artists and provides unconditional sea views from a hilltop setting. Here are a few things to demeanour brazen to if we confirm on a visit:

Wander a desirable streets of Valldemossa and try a internal speciality


A flattering travel in Valldemossa; print credit: Katy Miller

Just about each travel in Valldemossa looks something like a fairytale. While you’re there, stop into a cafeteria and suffer coca de patata, a soothing potato hurl we can drop in deliciously thick prohibited chocolate. Since a Serra de Tramontana is a rainiest segment of Mallorca, we was happy to censor from a brief surge while enjoying this comfortable and tasty treat.

Pay a revisit to Chopin’s former quarters


La Cartuja de Valldemossa; print credit: Katy Miller

Frédéric Chopin and his partner George Sand spent a winter of 1838-1839 in this 13-century Carthusian nunnery (now a Royal Charterhouse), and as a result, a city’s name has turn related with that of Chopin. At a former monastery, we can see a room in that Chopin stayed and a piano he played. Its pleasing gardens are a flattering steer as well.

Go for a travel in a Serra de Tramuntana mountains


Mountain views in Valldemossa (L) and Deià (R); print credit: Katy Miller

Awarded UNESCO World Heritage standing in 2011, a Serra de Tramuntana operation is imperishable country, distant from a picture of beachy, grown Mallorca. we didn’t have time to go for a extensive hike, though Valldemossa is a good bottom for exploring these plateau and I’m looking brazen to spending some-more time in them on my subsequent visit.

Stroll down to Cala Deià


A cold day during Cala Deià; print credit: Katy Miller

This little inlet is a good 20-minute travel from Deià, and a hilly cliffs surrounding a H2O make it feel like a dark treasure. Cala Deià can be really touristy in a summer, though we enjoyed a views in near-emptiness in this off-season with frequency anyone else in sight.

Pay loyalty to literary figures


The bishopric church tomb where Robert Graves is buried; print credit: Katy Miller

Resting atop Carrer es Puig (which seems to be a usually categorical travel in Deià) is a pleasing tomb where English author Robert Graves (I, Claudius) is buried. we always suffer a revisit to a cemetery, and this one is quite poetic with views of a olive trees dotted along a plateau as they slope into a sea. “La Casa de Robert Graves” is only a brief travel divided if cemeteries aren’t your favorite. American author Anais Nin also visited Deià and wrote a story set here.

Plan this trip:

Flights: British Airways, Iberia, and KLM are among vital carriers drifting to Palma de Mallorca from a US and Europe. Since flights from a US to Palma need during slightest one connection, cruise adding it on to Europe outing by bill airlines RyanAir or EasyJet. Just don’t forget to check container restrictions on bill airlines.

Lodging: Since I’m a bill traveler, we like to stay in an Airbnb let as a approach to save money, have a possibility for an authentic experience, and accommodate locals. So far, it’s worked out good for me each time.

Get around: If we don’t wish to sinecure a automobile or a taxi, we can strech Valldemossa or Deià by holding train L210 from a collateral Palma de Mallorca. The same train also connects a dual villages.

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