P. Andrew Och: 10 Best Kept Secrets of Grand Cayman


Wherever we go on vacation or travel, renouned sites and locations are renouned for a reason. Whatever their attraction, either it be a pleasing perspective or a juicy dish or an surprising land formation, activity or attraction, they have been attempted and tested and been proven to be value your time and bid to get there. However, there’s always another angle to visiting new places, and that’s a local’s angle. So, here are 10 things that a guidebooks won’t tell we about Grand Cayman Island that we competence be contemptible if we missed!

10. Mastic Trail

Grand Cayman is 79 feet above sea turn during a top elevation. People do not group to this Caribbean bliss to travel and go towering climbing. However, if we are in a mood for a good mellow four-mile turn outing travel — this is where we wish to go. Located on a North side of a island this delayed slip route is full of birds, Cayman rabbits and other wildlife. If we park on a categorical highway and travel into a trail, we can supplement another dual miles to your hike.


9. The Shoe Tree

Ever given Hurricane Ivan, people have been essay their names and dates on shoes, flip flops, float fins and sandals and tacking them to this tree on a East side of a island. It’s easy to find right on a categorical highway West of Bodden Town.


8. Anchors

Tucked in during a Cayman Islands Yacht Club is a tiny preference store called ANCHORS. This is a usually package store that sells lift out ethanol on Sundays. So, if we find yourself high and dry on a Sunday during your stay — conduct to Anchrs for a six-pack of internal drink or bottle of wine.


7. Cemetery Beach

This is a good beach, and sincerely good known. However, what many folks don’t know about is a overwhelming snorkeling embankment that is a brief float out. There are schools of Tangs, eels, Parrot Fish, sea turtles, rays and a occasional Nurse Shark that will float by. It’s an engaging travel in from a highway to past one of a many chronological cemeteries on a island.


6. The Pirate’s Den

PD’s to a locals – this sports bar has some of a best sandwiches and wings on a island. It’s in a tiny frame mall opposite from Seven Mile Beach, and you’ll skip it if we blink pushing by. Enjoy prosaic shade TV’s a full bar and pool tables. Buffalo Shrimp are one menu object that should NOT be overlooked.


5. The Farmers and Artisans Market during Camana Bay

Every Wednesday from 12 noon to 7pm during Camana Bay internal farmers and artists set adult booths in a pleasing open atmosphere yard sourroundings to uncover and sell their wares. Everything from uninformed produce, to internal humanities and crafts is simply permitted and sole by a hands that grew and crafted a items. There is even an “open canvas” art muster that invites any one to lay and paint with pleasing perspective of a Camana Bay beach and harbor. While comparatively new and mostly attended by locals, this eventuality is open to tourists as good and is a ideal place to collect adult singular souvenirs like Camanite valuables and sculptures. we should also supplement that secret #2 can be purchased here.


4. Shopping Cart Pick-Up

This might seem strange, yet will infer intensely useful if we are staying in a house, condo or anywhere with a kitchen and devise on doing we possess grocery selling while staying on Grand Cayman. The dual vital grocery stores — Foster’s Food and Fain Kirk — offer a transport collect adult use all over a island. So, we bucket adult your groceries and lorry them off to wherever you’re staying and leave a transport out during a curb. The best partial of this preference is walking around during night before a collect adult and saying selling carts all over a place.


3. Black Pearl State Park

That’s right, Grand Cayman has a movement park! It was non-stop and christened by a one and usually Tony Hawk behind in 2007. So, tell your kids to container their play since this park is outrageous and will keep them shredding all day long.


2. Cayman Pepper Patch

This internal workman peppers preserve is prepared in tiny batches and can usually be purchased on Grand Cayman Island. It is 100% Cayman made, they do not boat or trade this things – so batch adult while you’re there. we privileged out a whole jar with goat cheese on burst peppers H2O crackers. The leaflet comes with many suggestions and recipes, yet we can’t suppose anything that this things won’t make ambience better.


1. Diving With Silversides

Every year a Dwarf Herrings come to a Cayman Islands around early summer and stay by a commencement of fall. The usually approach we can report it is like being underwater in a overflow of a million bees that aren’t going to prick you… AND IT’S COOL! If you’ve seen a footage on National Geographic films or BBC World documentaries where hulk masses of fish that all pierce in a same instruction in unanimity — roughly like a dance — and partial when a sign swims yet them… YOU’RE THE SEAL! This is severely one of a coolest things I’ve ever done, and a dive emporium to take we is Ambassador Divers. They know a waters, a reefs and a fish improved than anyone on a island, and will make certain we get a full silverside experience.


So, if singular practice with a internal aptitude are what it takes to make your vacation a noted knowledge — any one of these best-kept secrets of Grand Cayman Island should fit a check to a fun and successful adventure. Check them all off your list or maybe these will lead to other adventures not mentioned here. Whatever a box have a blast and protected travels always!

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