Who Even Knew Airports Had Yoga Rooms?



Luggage. Passport. Yoga mat. A zenned-out airfield experience. Finally. Photo by Cyrena Lee.

By Cyrena Lee for Fathom | Rush by airfield traffic. Drag bags by circuitous check-in line. Unload and reload during security. Squeeze into chair and shake off cramps for hours to come. Cyrena Lee interrupts a stupidity of aeroplane transport to find obscurity where she slightest design it: in a airport’s yoga room.

SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – we was exhausted. we had taken a highway outing with my beloved from New York to San Francisco. It consisted of 10 days in a car, with many array stops along a way. we was prepared to go home. we indispensable to nap in my possess bed.

The lapse outing would be mercifully faster. My sister had changed to San Francisco and was gripping a car, so we flew home. Our final expostulate together was to SFO International Airport. After a teary goodbye, my beloved and we braced ourselves for one final six-hour widen of leg cramps.

We checked into a moody and dragged by security. We skipped bag check so a finish of a tour would go something like this: Disembark, skip out of terminal, bound immediately into cab home. We were impatient.

When we privileged security, we beheld a bizarre pointer and did a double take. It wasn’t a pointer for a diaper station, a smoking room, or a private first-class lounge. It was a pointer for yoga.

I peered inside and found a dark, still room with relaxed blue walls, hardwood floors, and yoga mats. One sole traveler was fibbing in pacific shavasana. She looked so calm, her arm folded over her eyes. As if a stupidity of a airfield didn’t even exist. We wanted in.

We took off a boots and set a bags to a side. For thirty blithe minutes, we stretched and meditated on a journey we only had and on a implausible find we had stumbled upon. we was in downward-facing dog when a other traveler nodded namaste in my instruction and left a room. We left only in time to locate a moody — and slept soundly a whole approach home. It was my best airfield knowledge yet.

I adore airports and all a intrigue compared with flying. The mad appetite of thousands of people entrance from and going to places around a world. The duty-free temptations. Even a overpriced drinks.

But there is something incredible, something so unexpected, about doing yoga in an airport. It allows we time to stop and breathe in a space that asks for zero and leaves we longing nothing. And when you’re ready, we can go — go anywhere in a universe you’d like.


SFO International Airport

San Francisco, California

Terminal 2

This is a world’s initial airfield yoga room.

DFW International Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Hallway between Terminal B and D

BTV International Airport

Burlington, Vermont

Level Two

ABQ International Sunport

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Level One

RDU International Airport

Morrisville, North Carolina

Terminal 2

HEL International Airport

Helsinki, Finland

(coming soon)

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Cyrena is an anthropologist, writer, and yogi. You can follow her on Twitter during @cyrenaly. She travels to enhance a mind and to make new friends.

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