Traveling With Kids: A Lesson In Parenting


No, maybe NYC isn’t customarily seen as ideal for kids ages 5 and 6, though I’ve satisfied that “ideal” looks opposite for everyone. As we watched Manny and Kami take in a city with their far-reaching eyes, extraordinary observations and vehement revelations, we couldn’t assistance though consider that we done a ideal choice for a vacation destination. This outing wasn’t only about stirring rides and fun in a sun, it was about learning, discovering, and experiencing. My kids are commencement to know a universe around them, and that creates all a difference. Sure, it takes some clever planning, though it’s docile and oh-so-worth it! So if you’re looking for a teeny bit of superintendence as we devise your subsequent family vacay—especially if it’s to a end that isn’t usually seen as “kid friendly,” keep reading since we have a few tips I’m failing to share!

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