12 implausible things about New Zealand that will make we wish to revisit it right now


New Zealand is one of a world’s many pleasing and engaging countries.

It has implausible scenery, an contentment of fun activities and a small race of usually 4 million unequivocally accessible people.

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In fact, people make adult usually 5% of a country’s race – a rest are animals.

Sure, it’s a prolonged moody from a UK, though it’s good value creation a trip.

Here are 12 reasons to revisit New Zealand, or as it’s famous in Maori – Aoetearoa – ‘land of a prolonged white cloud’.

1. Star-gazing

Queenstown stars (Picture: Tamsin Gorman @amongmountainsanlakes)
Queenstown stars (Picture: Tamsin Gorman @amongmountainsanlakes)

New Zealand is one of a best places in a universe to see a stars and a Mackenzie segment of a South Island has been recognized as an International Dark Sky Reserve.

Tekapo and Mount Cook are deliberate to be a best spots as they have a despotic control on light pollution.

It’s value engagement onto a star-gazing debate or visiting an look-out to learn a bit some-more about astrology and a constellations.

Queenstown is another good mark for stargazing, in sold from a tip of a Skyline Gondola.

2. Bungy jumping

The Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)
The Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)

The nation is a dream for adrenaline junkies, with a engorgement of activities on offer.

Probably a many obvious of these is bungy jumping, and there are 8 burst opportunities opposite a country.

Queenstown claims both a world’s initial blurb bungy burst (The Kawarau Bridge) and New Zealand’s tip bungy burst (The Nevis).

3. Wine tasting

Vineyards in Marlborough (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)
Vineyards in Marlborough (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)

With 10 vital regions opposite a country, New Zealand has turn one of a vital New World booze producers.

Marlborough in a north of a South Island is famous for producing Sauvignon Blanc.

A good approach to representation a booze is by holding a cycling tour by a vines, interlude off during opposite vineyards for a tasting.

The overwhelming landscape in Gibbston Valley (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)
The overwhelming landscape in Gibbston Valley (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)

The Central Otago segment in a south of a island has a ideal meridian for Pinot Noir, and is a world’s southernmost wine-producing region.

To representation some of a best boutique wines, conduct to Kinross Cottages.

Waking adult to a vines during Kinross Cottages (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)
Waking adult to a vines during Kinross Cottages (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)

It represents 5 wineries in a Gibbston Valley, and offers some poetic accommodation to spend a night after all that wine.

4. Food

That Ferg Burger (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)
That Ferg Burger (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)

To accompany a booze is some illusory food.

One of New Zealand’s many iconic products is a Greenshell mussels.

These beautifully phony shellfish are 30% incomparable than blue mussels and ambience delicious.

If seafood isn’t your thing afterwards make certain we conduct to Ferg Burger in Queenstown.

Expect to haven down a transport for one of a tasty burgers, though it’s unequivocally value it.

5. Sky diving

Sky diving during nightfall (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)
Sky diving during nightfall (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)

Another large adrenaline competition in NZ is sky diving.

There are jumps opposite a nation in Queenstown, Abel Tasman National Park and Franz Josef Glacier, a tip blurb jump.

The volcanoes circuitously Taupo (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)
The volcanoes circuitously Taupo (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)

One of a many renouned is a Taupo sky dive, that offers implausible views of New Zealand’s largest lake and circuitously volcanoes.

6. Kayaking

Kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)
Kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)

If adrenaline sports aren’t your thing, afterwards there are copiousness of some-more relaxing activities to try as well.

Abel Tasman Lodge in Marahau is a ideal bottom for a few days exploring a pleasing Abel Tasman National Park.

One of a beaches in Abel Tasman National Park (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)
One of a beaches in Abel Tasman National Park (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)

From there, we can hire kayaks and paddle by a transparent clear waters, interlude during a pleasing beaches of a forest reserve.

7. The view on highway trips

12 reasons since we should revisit New Zealand right now
Lindis Pass (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)

New Zealand has some of a many monumental scenery, and whichever track we take will offer fantastic views and landscapes.

Some important spots embody Lindis Pass, a highway to Glenorchy and a West Coast Drive.

Make certain we concede copiousness of time to stop en track to unequivocally conclude a terrain.

8. Lakes

Lake Ruataniwha (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)
Lake Ruataniwha (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)

There are an implausible 3,820 lakes in New Zealand.

In fact, a lakes alone could fill this article.

It boasts a world’s clearest lake: Rotomairewhenua, in a Nelson Lakes National Park, that has prominence adult to 80 meters.

And afterwards there are the overwhelming splendid blue lakes on a South Island: Tekapo, Pukaki and Ruataniwha.

There are some glorious swimming opportunities, though be warned – they can be unequivocally cold since a H2O flows in from a ice capped mountains.

9. Hot Springs

12 reasons since we should revisit New Zealand right now
(Picture: Hanmer Springs Thermal Pool Spa)

If we imagination something a small warmer, afterwards conduct to a prohibited pools.

New Zealand boasts a series of thermal springs, including Rotorua in a North Island and Hanmer Springs in a South.

For a truly relaxing break, spend an afternoon at Hanmer Springs before staying overnight during oppulance accommodation The St James.

10. The people

Kiwis are some of a many welcoming and accessible people in a universe and you’re firm to make friends with some of a locals.

On tip of this, they also have a good clarity of humour, that can be simply seen in Air New Zealand’s overwhelming safety videos.

11. Wildlife

Yellow eyed penguin in Dunedin (Picture: Tamsin Gorman @amongmountainsandlakes) Seal during Wharariki Beach (Picture: Tamsin Gorman @amongmountainsandlakes)

New Zealand is a good end for sea life enthusiasts.

There are opportunities to see whales, seals, penguins and dolphins in their healthy habitat.

The country’s many famous animal is a Kiwi, a flightless nightly bird, that has turn a inhabitant pitch of New Zealand.

12. Hiking

Tongariro Crossing (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)
Tongariro Crossing (Picture: Hayley Lewis @alovelyplanet)

Hiking is one of a best ways to take in a pleasing view in New Zealand.

There are trails all over a nation with options for any turn of fitness.

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of a many popular, along with some overwhelming walks in a Mount Cook National Park.

And finally, if we still need convincing, New Zealand also has a mark in a Guinness Book of World Records for a longest place name: Taumatawhakatangi­hangakoauauotamatea­turipukakapikimaunga­horonukupokaiwhen­uakitanatahu.

Longest place name in a world.. #uwotm8 #taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu #newzealand #bucketlist #porangahau

A post common by Sebastian Carr (@sebastiancarr) on Apr 5, 2017 during 4:21am PDT

It means ‘The place where Tamatea, a male with a large knees, who slid, climbed and swallowed mountains, famous as ‘landeater’, played his shriek to his desired one’.

How to get there:

Air New Zealand flies daily from London Heathrow to Auckland around LA.

Return flights start from £1,074 in economy and £1,935 in reward economy.

Where to stay:

In Gibbston Valley, Kinross Cottages have bedrooms from $275NZD a night. It also offers booze tasting and tasty food.

Studios during The St James in a centre of Hanmer Springs start from $225NZD per night, finish with outrageous jacuzzi baths.

Abel Tasman Lodge offers bedrooms from $160NZD a night in Marahau, that is a few mins transport from a beach and a opening to Abel Tasman National Park.

Hayley Lewis is a British transport author and writer formed in Sydney. You can follow Hayley’s travels at www.alovelyplanet.com or on InstagramTwitter or Facebook.

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