16 reasons because we should revisit Malmo a subsequent time you’re in Sweden

16 reasons because we should revisit Malmo a subsequent time you're in Sweden
Malmo has so many conflicting sides (Picture: Getty)

What initial springs to mind when we hear a word ‘Malmo’?

Kurt Wallander staring gloomily during a grey landscape? That’s circuitously Ystad, though we see your point.

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Prima donna striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring again with a balletic bicycle kick? The pretentious Saga Noren pushing conflicting a Oresund Bridge to solve another hideous crime?

Malmo is all these things and more.

The city was founded in a 13th century on herring fishing.

However, when a shipbuilding attention collapsed in a 1980s, Malmo converted itself into an eco-city filled with bikes and powered by renewable energy.

The former industrial Vastra Hamnen (West Harbour) area is now a complicated district with tolerable housing and slicing corner architecture, such as a Turning Torso.

16 reasons because we should revisit Malmo a subsequent time you're in Sweden
Vastra Hamnen on a balmy day (Picture: Getty)

Sweden’s third largest – and happiest – city is now a heart for immature families and tech start-ups, with roughly half of a race underneath 35. It’s also really diverse, with around 170 nationalities registered.

Malmo comes alive in summer, with dual outrageous festivals holding over a city.

Sommarscen (June 17 – Aug 10), is a giveaway humanities festival while Malmofestivalen (August 11 to 18) is a week-long fiesta.

Here are 16 some-more reasons to revisit Malmo.

1. The (Oresund) Bridge

Bosjokloster, Skane, Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe
(Picture: Getty)

It’s mocking that my initial reason to revisit Malmo is a quickest approach out of it.

The total highway and rail overpass non-stop in Jun 2000; this implausible attainment of engineering runs for 5 miles, joining Sweden and Denmark.

The opening stage of my favourite crime series, The Bridge, takes place on a limit half-way across.

2. Searching for Saga

Kim Bodnia, Sofia Helin
(Picture: Filmlance International AB)

I’m such a outrageous fan of a TV array The Bridge and a heading actors Kim Bodnia and Sofia Helin that we felt a bit like a stalker as we mooched around Noren’s neighbourhood, nearby a iconic Turning Torso.

A Bridge/Bron/Broen map can be picked adult during a traveller bureau (Turistbyran) conflicting a railway station.

3. Turning Torso

Buildings during waterfront
(Picture: Getty)

Architect Santiago Calatrava’s iconic, energy-efficient Turning Torso is a tallest building in Scandinavia and soars to a fantastic 190m tallness above a tolerable Vastra Hamnen district.

It twists 90 degrees from a bottom to a tip – and creates a good backdrop to your selfie.

4. Gamla Stade – Old Town

(Picture: Lucy Mallows)

The categorical square, Stortorget is a best place to get your bearings, or conduct subsequent doorway to Lilla Torg, Malmo’s aged marketplace block built in 1592, for coffee and cake on a cobbles.

5. Nudie showering during Kallbadhus

(Picture: Getty)

Locals have been swimming in a altogether in this classical wooden bathhouse since 1898.

Bathe in a alfresco salt-water pool, get erotic in a wood-fired sauna, or chill and discuss on a deck.

Prepare to go naked, as apart women’s and men’s swimming sections means no cossies required.

6. anonymouse_mmx (Instagram)

The “jaws of horror”-ride, initial picture is a finished one and a second picture is a float during construction. Notice that we float on a mousetrap to enter a tunnel! #anonymousemmx #anonymouse #jawsofhorror #tjoffsanstivoli #tjoffsans #Malmö #amousementpark

A post common by AnonyMouse (@anonymouse_mmx) on Apr 25, 2017 during 1:34pm PDT

Mini, mousey, Banksy-esque travel art brightens adult a hip Mollevangen neighbourhood.

Miniscule montages of a bakery and a ‘cheese and cracker’ emporium are located on groundwork walls, done from a things that a rodent competence find; buttons, stamps, matches and tin can lids.

It’s totally desirable and anonymous(e), and fun to hunt them down.

7. Zlatan’s Court

… we went back…

A post common by IAmZlatan (@iamzlatanibrahimovic) on Jul 9, 2015 during 10:06am PDT

The twinkle-toed striker returned to his aged community to emanate a modern, outside football representation in a yard during Cronmans vag, southeast of a centre.

Malmo has a really churned population, with around 170 conflicting nationalities, and Ibrahimovic is a good instance with his Bosnian Muslim father and Croatian Catholic mother.

8. Fika

Cappuccinotorsdag på ekologisk mjölk från Skånska Gårdar 🐄☕️

A post common by Lilla Kafferosteriet (@lillakafferosteriet) on Jun 1, 2017 during 1:18am PDT

Fika is a art of holding a mangle for coffee and cake.

A good place to try a subsequent Scandi-concept to take over from hygge is during Lilla Kafferosteriet, where we competence ambience a normal Spettekaka cake.

9. Modern Museet

Moderna Museet Malmo
(Picture: View Pictures/UIG around Getty Images)

The Modern Musset Malmo is a smaller outpost of Stockholm’s iconic complicated art museum.

It’s housed in an early 20th-century energy hire and shows provocative new artworks.

10. Malmo Live

Strax Johan Glans på scen för andra gången idag #Malmö #malmölive

A post common by Malmö Live Konserthus (@malmolive) on Mar 31, 2017 during 10:57am PDT

Malmo Live non-stop in 2015 and it’s an whole community congested with party possibilities; a unison hall, association centre and a hotel with a Skybar on a 25th floor, as good as a collection of good eateries.

11. Bastard

Summer vibes starts during Bastard

A post common by Bastard (@bastardrestaurant) on Jun 9, 2017 during 8:03am PDT

Malmo boasts 3 restaurants with Michelin-starred chefs, though my favourite has to be Bastard.

This splendidly named grill serves talented culinary creations, good cocktails and high desserts.

12. Boulebar

Pendeln! Fokuset! we gigantiska Ichibanhatten! Unge Anton Köhalmi deltog, tillsammans med 17 andra varav sju st. var förstagångsdeltagare, i gårdagens The Waffle League! Vi spelar våffelturnering på Drottningtorget varje söndag, kom och var med i världens bästa söndagshäng och gemenskap! Vi ses på gruset, bienvenue!

A post common by BOULEBAR DROTTNINGTORGET (@boulebardrottningtorget) on Jul 4, 2016 during 1:45am PDT

I knew boules were cool!

I frequently play petanque on Hove Lawns and during Boulebar, we can indicate and fire with a locals, or suffer a splash and some French bistro cuisine in a dusk sunshine.

13. Centralstation

(Picture: Lucy Mallows)

It competence seem bizarre to collect a railway hire as a highlight, though Malmo’s has an extraordinary food court, where we can squeeze a discount bite.

Read a Scandi-noir novel in a beautiful library cafe, that is ornate with an huge round chandelier.

14. St Peter’s church

(Picture: Lucy Mallows)

Malmo’s oldest building, a Evangelical Lutheran St Peter’s church (St Petri Kyrka) dates from a 14th Century and displays recently detected frescoes.

The Gothic wall paintings in a Merchants Chapel are stunning.

15. Malmohus Slott

Malmo Castle, also famous as Malmohus Slott in a afternoon light, Sweden
(Picture: Getty)

Malmo Castle is a oldest flourishing Renaissance palace in a Nordic region, and stands proudly in a shaggy park setting.

At a Museum of Sea Technology, non-claustrophobes can try inside a submarine.

16. Dad in a Hat

Folkets Park
(Picture: Getty)

Folkets Park is a immature oasis where locals hang out, go to concerts or nip ambience treats during Far i Hatten, that translates as ‘Dad in a Hat’, referring to sozzled dads who would skid home from a workers’ amicable club.

How to get there:

I flew with Norwegian from Gatwick to Copenhagen (return flights from £54), afterwards rode a €10/£8.75 (return) train from a airfield automobile park to Malmo city centre conflicting a Oresund Bridge.

More information here

Where to stay:

Astoria Hotel is a comfortable, three-star bill hotel in a centre, with WiFi breakfast included.

Rates start from £64 a night.

Where to eat and drink:

Try a cafes on Lilla Torg, a railway hire food hall, Far i Hatten or a splendidly named Bastard.

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