7 reasons to dream of a outing to Sardinia this summer


Do we like a thought of vital to 100 by holding medicine such as white wine, olive oil, and a inexhaustible sip of sunshine?

Well, we positively do.

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So we headed to a island of Sardinia, where it’s not startling for people to strech their centenary years in a many pleasing vicinity imaginable.

It’s too early to contend if a time there has stretched a lifespan into a triple figures, yet check behind in seventy years or so.

In a meantime, we spent a few days there as a estimable investment in healthy living*.

*Also to go on holiday.

Here’s since we should book a last-minute outing to get your Italian repair this summer, with forlorn beaches, fresh fish and a bluish sea to burst into from your boat.

1. You can live to 100

No filter (Picture: Jen Mills)

Yep, like we said. A cluster of Sardinian villages make adult one of a initial ‘blue zones’ identified in Europe – where people live a scarcely prolonged time.

It’s not called a ‘blue zone’ since of a sea and sky (although we know since we jumped to that conclusion).

7 reasons to dream of a outing to Sardinia this summer
But ‘blue zone’ refers to something else (Picture; Delphina)

It means it’s one of a places on earth where people live a longest.

In Sardinia, a normal life camber is over 90 (in a UK, it’s 81).

Why? Well, several theories have been put forward. But it’s tough to dislike life when it starts with an Italian espresso, involves a prolonged lunch with internal white booze and is backlit with a Mediterranean sun.

You competence need to pierce there for a full benefit, yet a week’s mangle has to be a homogeneous of quitting cigarettes for a bit.

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2. You won’t feel stressed out

Apologies, my pics from this outing are Boast Level 90 during minimum.. So here’s one on a vessel 🍾#Sardinia #italy #boatlife #vsco

A post common by Jen Mills (@jenrmills) on Sep 26, 2016 during 11:27am PDT

Can we suppose meditative about automobile tax, who does a soaking adult or landlords when you’re on a boat, sampling cheeses, pear, Prosecco and bread, while your feet hook in a water?

Nah. You can tranquillity out and cut off from it, that is substantially since everybody lives so long.

The many tasty break of all time (Picture: Jen Mills)

We hired a vessel from a hotel, afterwards used it to try a seashore (and sunbathe on a rug like rockstars).

3. You can take yourself on a honeymoon

No doubt, this is a regretful place to be.

Maybe not a apartment for singular travellers (Picture: Jen Mills)

And couples, don’t censure us if we skip a moody behind and accidentally have to live out here for ever.

But if a special someone you’re reconnecting with is yourself, that’s OK too.

This is a restaurant. It looks opposite in a evening, yet (Picture: Jen Mills)

Book a list during Li Zini restaurant, that is substantially a many pleasing place to eat in a whole world.

During a day, it’s your ideal chill-out beach.

But in a evening, don’t be astounded if we don’t recognize where we were looking out to sea earlier.

7 reasons to dream of a outing to Sardinia this summer
This is an tangible griddle (Picture: Delphina)

Waiters lift out chairs and tables so we can suffer your cooking barefoot on a silt as a chefs griddle your sequence by a rocks.

Listen to a waves as we splash a toast to however we finished adult in this extraordinary bit of a world.

4. Explore a strand villages

La Maddelena: We’ll take that small residence on a mountain (Picture: Jen Mills)

Remember that vessel we mentioned?

There are dozens of lifelike islands and villages to explore, so ask a captain to take we La Maddalena or Buddeli beach where a pinkish silt is universe famous.

Then dream about relocating there all summer to learn how to make homemade pasta. Allora!

Watch out for a trade (Picture: Jen Mills)

5. The food

Naturally, if you’re entrance to Sardinia, you’ll wish to know about a food.

This dessert. Choc and passion fruit 😛😻🍫🍽 #chocoholics #foodstagram #foodography #vsco

A post common by Jen Mills (@jenrmills) on Sep 26, 2016 during 10:32am PDT

Forget about Slimming World or hot a pot of Tesco tortellini after work.

We’re not vital that life during a impulse – we’re articulate rational deliciousness done with healthy mixture and lashing of olive oil.

7 reasons to dream of a outing to Sardinia this summer
This things is a genuine understanding (Picture: Delphina)

Make certain we try a normal Sardinian flatbread called ‘pane carasau‘ (or piano paper for a skinny texture).

Perfect for mopping adult a salsa from your genuine Italian rigatoni.

6. The spas

7 reasons to dream of a outing to Sardinia this summer
If we insist (Picture: Delphina)

We stayed during Valle dell’Erica hotel, tighten to a northern indicate of a island (if we transport only adult a coast, we can see a French island of Corsica).

It’s run by Delphina, who possess several other hotels charity ‘thalassotherapy’ or salt H2O therapy.

7 reasons to dream of a outing to Sardinia this summer
Take me behind (Picture: Delphina)

The spas have several pools during opposite temperatures and H2O jets to ease your muscles.

(Climbing in and out of a vessel to float is tiring).

And a jawdropping pool perspective from Valle dell’Erica (Picture: Jen Mills)

7. The pleasing scenery

7 reasons to dream of a outing to Sardinia this summer
You don’t have to go distant to find it (Picture: Delphina)

You can suffer it with a cocktail in palm only from a hotel terrace, yet there’s so most beautiful seashore to try if we can rip yourself away.

Why not sinecure a automobile and find your possess dilemma of a imperishable landscape?

But we can go by vessel (Picture: Jen Mills)

Or window emporium for Gucci with a jet set in Porto Cervo on a Costa Smeralda, Sardinia’s answer to St Tropez.

Each of a hotels is in endless drift with isolated bedrooms (so private, there are windows in a showering – so we can demeanour out a sea with no regard for your modesty).

Or by feet (Picture: Jen Mills)

Across a island a stone formations are so thespian they seem like they could be active volcanos, yet they indeed from erosion over thousands of years.

Or only float (Picture: Jen Mills)

Explore a alpine centre of a island or stay on a north seashore where there’s copiousness to see and tranquillity out like we did.

Then build your possess relic to a good life (Picture: Jen Mills)

Where to stay and how to get there:

Our hotel was La Licciola, partial of the Valle dell’Erica resort. Rooms start from £136 per chairman per night in a double room, half-board.

All resorts are open from late May to late Sep and we can fly from London Gatwick to Olbia around Meridiana Airline.

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