A 30-year-old who Airbnb-hops around a universe explains how a damaged kettle helped her shun a ‘scarcity mindset’


Stephanie Lee
Has penny-pinching ever
gotten a best of you? (Pictured: Stephanie Lee in

Karen Hong

Last year, Stephanie Lee
saved scarcely $10,000 in housing losses when she motionless to
abandon an unit in Los Angeles to Airbnb-hop around a world.

A freelance author and a blogger behind FY!S, Lee lived in a array of
Airbnb rentals for 11 months in Paris, Tokyo, London, Barcelona,
Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, and Honolulu. It cost her only $10,584.

She’s now spending time behind home in Los Angeles with
friends and family, though skeleton to lapse to a highway during a finish of
a month, kicking off her subsequent journey in Canada.

“This work and roving ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle is only a
opposite approach of life for me and can be sustainable, so we think
prolonged tenure about it,” Lee told Business Insider. But that hasn’t
always been her philosophy. At one point, she says,
penny-pinching got a best of her.

“There was a time that we used to have a extreme nonesuch mindset,
though all it took was a damaged electric kettle that incited my
viewpoint around,” Lee said.

Here’s what happened:

“When we initial changed behind to Los Angeles, we had an electric kettle
that had destitute during my move. It still worked, though a lid
wouldn’t tighten and we had to mount there and reason it down to let
it finish a boil.

“I left it with my relatives who insisted that they could still use
it. we rolled my eyes and left to vagabond around a planet.
However, we returned over a year after to find that they were
still regulating a kettle.

“I attempted to boil H2O for some coffee one day and we stood there
like a coffee-deprived idiot, regulating a wooden spatula to reason down
a lid, and waited for it to click and finish a boil.

“Suddenly, we suspicion about how many times my relatives had stood
like this and put adult with this lid, day after day, mixed times
any day; all that squandered time and energy. Just to save $20.”

Since then, Lee says she’s schooled to “spend income on things
that supplement value and happiness, or mislay a ‘negative,'” from her
life, like profitable a CPA to avoid the headache of doing her
taxes, or spending $100 on a once-in-a-lifetime dining

That also means Lee avoids debt and puts away income for the
future by saving for retirement in an IRA and investing in
index funds, all while earning a medium income.

“This all ties behind into my ‘F— Yes!’ truth — desirous by

Mark Manson and
Derek Sivers — that we repurposed for my spending, healthy
habits, and some other decisions in life. In other words, that
‘something’ improved make me contend ‘F— Yes!’ now, 15 mins from now, or even 15 days from now,” she said.

“It’s my aegis to quell those in-the-moment temptations, though also
doubles as a personal mantra to plea me to do a things
that competence differently shock me.”

To follow Lee’s adventures operative and vital around the
world, check out FY!S or
follow her on Instagram.

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