Air New Zealand’s app is disrupting airline trends by prioritizing a complacency of their customers


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How can an app uncover that we caring about your customers?

This competence sound like a tough question. But for us during, we think Air New Zealand makes it easy to answer.

Airlines, like other transport companies, aren’t only relocating people from place to place. They’ve indeed got their customers’ lives in their hand. Their business need information about things such as moody delays and chair availability. But business also need to know that airlines and transport companies consider about them as some-more than credit cards on dual legs. We wish airlines to caring — and to uncover that they care.

Air New Zealand uses mobile apps to customize, personalize, and raise a patron tour from a impulse a patron starts browsing flights. Combined, these apps yield some-more than tender information. They yield comfort and assent of mind. They shepherd a high-touch patron knowledge that builds faithfulness and long-term value.

Air New Zealand relies on dual apps: Grabaseat, for a comprehensive lowest-priced tickets, and a flagship Air New Zealand app. Here’s how a airline combines them to dramatically urge a patron experience.

Drive sales


You competence consternation how pushing sales improves a patron experience. Well, Grabaseat creates last-minute sales accessible in a flash-sales format. That allows people to transport places they competence not get to otherwise, or to revisit far-flung family some-more often. On Grabaseat, many domestic flights are reduction than $100 one-way. The app shows how many seats are left during a given price, so flyers can make fully-informed decisions. 

Grabaseat also lets business set personalized alerts. If you’re meddlesome in drifting from Christchurch to Wellington, say, a app will let we know a impulse a cost changes. Customers can accept other opt-in alerts formed on their browsing behavior.



Beautiful onboarding

Air New Zealand sends business an easy-to-read array of onboarding messages. No one receives messages unexpectedly, before being reminded because they sealed adult for a app or how to use it. Like a rest of a app, a onboarding messages are elementary and direct. They tell users accurately what they need to know, though deference or assumptions about a customer’s tech abilities. The user interface is superb and non-intrusive.

Beautiful onboardingSailthru



Personalized messages

Personalized messagesSailthru

Once a patron has shown seductiveness in a sold destination, Air New Zealand creates it easier to have fun there. The airline’s flagship app, Air New Zealand, puts together a personalized summary tide that includes energetic content, such as continue forecasts in a end city. The app will assistance make hotel reservations, and even keep travelers present on events in their end city.

It’s not only that Air New Zealand wants to take we somewhere. They wish we to suffer yourself once we arrive.



On a fly updates

On a fly updatesSailthru

Flight notifications can seem pedestrian. But to someone who’s rushing to make a flight, anticipating out about a embankment change a few mins early can be a outrageous deal.

Air New Zealand is being active in informing customers. They’re assisting safeguard that passengers will have all a information they need, though carrying to go digging for it.



A crater of Joe, when we need it

A crater of Joe, when we need itSailthru

Air New Zealand’s app also has a underline we competence not design from an airline. Sign in to one of a airline’s lounges, and a app will ask we if you’d like to sequence a crater of coffee.

You would design to sequence coffee from a Starbucks app. The beauty of grouping coffee by a Air New Zealand app is not only that it works wonderfully, though that it’s intuitive. One doesn’t design an airline to compensate such courtesy to customers’ needs. The outcome is an romantic response that’s bullion to marketers.

The options for customizing a coffee go good over cream or sugar. Order a latte, and a app will uncover we a blueprint to make certain your sequence is correct. The app estimates your wait time, afterwards sends an warning we when your libation is ready.

And with that, transport only became fun again.

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