Brisbane Airport is employing a learned ‘artist in residence’ to only play with Lego all day

Airport is employing a learned 'artist in residence' to only play with Lego all day
This could be your career… (Picture: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

Master Builders: ASSEMBLE!

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There’s copiousness of things we would personally adore to do even in a adult years, and personification with toys is a large one.

Thankfully a good people during Brisbane Airport might have only non-stop adult applications for a biggest pursuit on earth: Lego sculptor.

This summer, a airfield is looking for an ‘artist-in-residence’ for a 12-month contract.

And by artist, they meant we will spend a year building lego sculptures and interesting travellers during a airport.

Airport is employing a learned 'artist in residence' to only play with Lego all day
The Sydney Opera House built from lego is displayed during a Brick Man Experience (Picture: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

That’s it.

According to a matter on a airport’s website, a position is not full time, though ‘rather an event to accept a remuneration for something we adore to do.’

The good news is, hours are flexible.

The bad news is, we need to move your possess lego bricks.

Airport is employing a learned 'artist in residence' to only play with Lego all day

Experienced (lego) bricklayers are preferred, though that shouldn’t daunt a pledge builder.

The successful applicant will be approaching to build during slightest dual ‘large-scale’ sculptures to go on arrangement in a terminal, as good as horde workshops for travellers with a childish strain and time to kill.

On tip of this, a master-builder should be an envoy for Brisbane airport, giveaway to attend ‘the occasional coffee, formulation sessions or even corporate appearances.’

To request for a pursuit of a lifetime, email and tell them what masterpieces we will emanate (they would cite something with a travel/aviation theme) including ‘pictures of work we have finished in a past if possible’.

Time to moment out a aged family print album…

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