From breakfast to dinner: Here are a best budget-friendly places to eat in Copenhagen

Here are a best budget-friendly places to eat in Copenhagen
Copenhagen has some honeyed spots for food (Picture: Facebook/ Shutterstock)

Copenhagen is an costly city – not customarily to stay in yet also to experience.

Noma, famous for being one of a best restaurants in a world, put a city on a tellurian culinary map yet it’s positively not alone in creation a Danish collateral a must-visit end for epicurean travellers.

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But when a best restaurants in a city, during slightest according to a Michelin guide, can set we behind some-more than £100 per head, it’s tough not to consider twice about visiting Copenhagen for a good feed.

You needn’t worry yet – many of a alumna from a city’s best restaurants have non-stop their possess eateries and, fortunately, they are many some-more affordable.

So a subsequent time you’re meditative about visiting Copenhagen, here are a few places we competence wish to try.


Baskets full of rolls in bakery
(Picture: Getty)

Look, Scandinavians are flattering good during baking and it’s not all about a sourdough – nonetheless those are around in contentment too.

As we competence expect, a Danes are quite good during all sorts of pastries so breakfast is always a treat.

In fact, unless you’re staying in a imagination hotel with an even some-more imagination breakfast buffet, I’d skip it and strike a streets instead, since there are so many little bakeries dotted around city where we can collect adult a creatively baked provide and a coffee.

Everyone has their favourites of course, yet Sct Peders Bageri is among a oldest and many popular.

Sticky cinnamon rolls during Sct Peders Bageri, a oldest bakery in Copenhagen founded in 1652. Fun fact – they’re called “onsdagssnegle” or Wednesday snails since they’re customarily done on Wednesdays. #wednesdaysnails #sctpedersbageri #cinnamonrolls #copenhagen #hotbuns

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They’re famous for their cinnamon rolls, yet we won’t be unhappy if we try another of their pastries either.

On a cold day, their prohibited chocolates can be quite nice.

Another good choice is Meyers Bageri, a little sequence of bakeries from Claus Meyer, a male who helped to emanate Noma.

So many improved than a one in #nyc #meyersbageri #copenhagen #cinnamonroll #danish #rhubarb #croissant #breakfastofchampions

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They are also famous for their cinnamon rolls – and a chances of we being means to collect adult one of a renouned treats during Meyers is unequivocally better.

Paper Island

Copenhagen is not a warmest of cities, even in a summer, so a travel food stage is understandably small.

But while there aren’t many occasions where we can soak adult a environment object yet shivering, a city does have a bustling travel food marketplace on Paper Island (Papiroen) that creates a many of a waterside location.

3 we wish to spend all summer here please?!? #københavn #denmark🇩🇰 #livelifetothefullest #lovefood #foodiegram #happiness #wanttobedanish

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When a object is out, and a days are warmer, we will customarily find people sitting on a benches outward Copenhagen Street Food.

Inside, dozens of food trucks are opposed for your attention.

While many of a stalls are open from 12pm each day, only in time for lunch, a coffee spots are generally open from 11am so we can get your caffeine repair before we tuck into some grub.

paper island
(Picture: Getty)

Unlike a rest of a city, a food trucks are mostly focusing on general fare.

It’s where we will find Korean boiled duck and Chinese noodles alongside Moroccan flatbread and Brazilian grilled meats.

Don’t worry, you’ve got a integrate of options for burgers too.

#theoneandonly #Fatburger #streetfood #soulfood #copenhagen

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There are places to lay inside as well, so it’s value streamer there even when it’s raining.

It’s not unequivocally an all-hours space (some stalls tighten by 8pm on Sundays) yet it can still make a fun night out.

There are several boozy stalls offered a brew of cocktails, beers and wines if we wanted to breeze down during a weekend or before we go out clubbing.

Here we have it guys. The conspicuous preference of microbrew. Brewed with believe collected from a 7 seas!! #copenhagenstreetfood #beer #microbrew #stormly #rhum #herslev #nørrebrobryghus

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And yes, a song is always pumping.


Another renouned lunch mark is Torvehallerne, a marketplace gymnasium in a centre of a city.

There are stands offered all sorts of produce, yet there are many some-more little eateries dotted between them.

Most of these are counter-service, or offer takeaway options, yet a few do have space for sitting down for a discerning bite.

The food during many of a stalls is typically Danish, and we have copiousness of options when it comes to smorrebrod (open sandwiches).

Excuse a reflections yet isn’t this a best looking preference of smorgasbord? 😵😍😌 #copenhagen #denmark #eatlocal #food #explore #travel #chefstalk #artofplating #igfood #traveller #travelling #foodmarket #foodporn #gastronomy #foodlover #foodie #feedfeed #danish #gourmet #exploring #bread #sandwich #smorgasbord #hygge

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There are around 60 outlets altogether, not all food related, so a best thing to do is to travel around and see what takes your fancy.

It won’t be your cheapest dish in a city yet it has a advantage of atmosphere.

Meatpacking District

Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District is where we wish to go if you’re meditative about merrymaking into a night – yet many places still tighten by midnight.

On some days, a area can demeanour totally deserted.

By lunch time however, things are customarily warming up.

Smoked and poached fish from Bisserup. Served with beach cress and pleasing honeyed danish peas. #fiskebar #fiskebaren #fiskebarcph #trout

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Kodbyens Fiskebar always come rarely endorsed by a locals.

The concentration is on fish and seafood and you’ll be means to smell a tasty food during slightest 10 metres away.

There’s also Hija de Sanchez, a taqueria from Rosio Sanchez, Noma’s former fritter chef.

A taco combo during a Kødbyen plcae by a crony @joashmanning 🌮😁👌🏼 #tacos #hijadesanchez #kodbyen

A post common by Hija de Sanchez (@hijadesanchez) on Jul 12, 2017 during 12:10am PDT

She’s also got an opening at Torvehallerne right now.

Another infrequent mark value popping into is Mother, that serves adult Italian soulfood.

They’re indeed opening adult a grill in London’s Battersea after this year so if we find something we adore on a menu, there’s a large possibility we can relive a memory when we get home.

How to get there:

Several airlines have unchanging approach flights between London and Copenhagen.

British Airways have flights from £76 return.

Where to stay:

Generator Hostel is a good bill place to stay, with a community area where we can accommodate others.

There are dorm as good as private rooms, with rates starting from around £15 per chairman per night in a common dorm and £70 per chairman per night in a private room.

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