Great story and overwhelming art: Why Brussels should be your subsequent city break

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
Brussels skyline is pleasing during eve (Picture: Getty)

To many, Brussels is all about politics. To others, it’s all about splash and chocolate.

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And yet it has these 3 things in abundance, there is so most some-more to learn in this bustling European city.

When we go to Brussels, it is to see my best friend, eat some good food and ramble a streets, holding in a somewhat reduction touristy tools of this noble city (and – depending on my mood – some of a more touristy ones, too, of course!).

The Parks

There are so many implausible parks dotted all over Brussels and they are all so good looked after. You unequivocally can’t travel a few streets yet stumbling conflicting one.

The park conflicting a Royal Palace is impossibly renouned yet opportunely vast adequate to not feel too crowded. (I managed to while divided a integrate of hours there in a object with a book and it was a primary mark in that to relax.)

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
The Botanical Gardens are pleasing (Picture: Amanda Keats)

The Botanical Gardens, that provides a impulse of remit in a bustling city centre, is filled with pleasing flowers and copiousness of places to lay and relax. Though there isn’t an tangible maze, a place positively has a obstruction feel to it, with many sections dark divided by arches and turn corners.

If we wish to go a bit serve afield, a series 44 tram provides a brief outing divided from a centre to one of a some-more considerable Brussels parks: Tervuren.

This overwhelming park is a transparent favourite with cyclists and sunbathers alike, as pleasing tree-covered paths yield a good – and prosaic – circuit.

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
Tervuren Park is a ideal mark to suffer a object (Picture: Amanda Keats)

We arrived splendid and early during Tervuren usually to find a place totally forlorn – that I’m reliably sensitive is not a common occurrence – and it was monumental to behold.

As some-more people arrived, though, it mislaid nothing of a charm. The weed is lonesome with buttercups and daisies and a ducks bound in and out of a water, flitting we as we sunbathe (make certain we keep an eye out for what they leave behind!).

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
The lovable tram (Picture: Amanda Keats)

The tram itself, that takes we behind into Montgomery, is lifelike too, whizzing by a trees as it heads behind into a centre. And it usually takes about 20 minutes!

The Statues

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
What’s not to adore about a statue of a peeing boy? (Picture: Amanda Keats)

From a vast and grand to tiny and weird, there are statues everywhere. Most go for a Manneken Pis (because who doesn’t adore a statue of a tiny child peeing?) or Everard t’Serclaes that is pronounced to move fitness to whoever touches it.

However, there are countless others, too.

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
The sculptures are implausible (Picture: Amanda Keats)

A personal favourite was one we speckled during a opening to Tervuren right by a Royal Museum for Central Africa. It’s only got such a trenchant expression. we had an peculiar greeting when we saw it: somewhere between a pang of fear we get on saying a tears angel (thank we Doctor Who) and measureless sadness. It’s only incredible.

The Food

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
Nom nom (Picture: Amanda Keats)

Brussels has bars, cafes and restaurants that support to all yet we had a fantastic cooking a small out of a centre, in Saint Josse. A brief travel from Madou station, Moroccan grill Le Palais des Délices has a tasty array of tagine/couscous options. The duck tagine we sampled was packaged with essence and went beautifully with a environment object and outside seating.

For a lunchtime treat, there is a travel food marketplace by a Royal Palace that’s there each Friday. The marketplace has a preference of Mexican and Asian cuisine and there’s a burger choice so renouned that people had to reserve for a flattering prolonged time only to get their food! (Though I’m reliably sensitive it was value a wait!)

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
Even a travel food is glorious (Picture: Amanda Keats)

Of course, one of a categorical ‘food groups’ in Brussels is chocolate. There are a preference of tasty shops in Sablon (and beyond) full of many, many kinds of chocolate treats, from a pristine to a chocolate-covered biscuits and cakes.

There’s even a emporium dedicated wholly to popcorn!

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
Excuse me while we drool (Picture: Amanda Keats)

If, like me, we finish adult possibly staying with a crony or in self-catering accommodation, there are so many grocery shops charity an considerable preference of uninformed fruit and vegetables that we competence only find yourself snacking on fruit all day long.


I’ve been to Brussels in Dec when it’s full of overwhelming Christmas markets. In May, however, a markets are distant some-more antique-focused.

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
The antique marketplace is value a crop (Picture: Amanda Keats)

On Sundays, an antique marketplace appears in Sablon nearby to a many pleasing seat and art shops and we could simply spend hours only erratic around and checking out all a workman delights.

(Though, it competence be a bit of a onslaught to get that overwhelming dining list behind on a Eurostar!)

The history

Brussels is during a domestic heart of Europe, with flags unresolved around a city on a many supervision buildings, and a architecture shows off this considerable story with a operation of grand and prosperous palaces, aged and fascinating offices and complicated and quirky treats.

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
Grand Place is a heart of Brussels (Picture: Amanda Keats)

For a some-more singular offerings, check out a Atomium or a Musical Instruments Museum, which has a pleasing exterior, with low-pitched records over a walls.

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
The Musical Instrument Museum is a gem (Picture: Amanda Keats)

Street art

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
The travel art is overwhelming (Picture: Amanda Keats)

The travel art in Brussels is unequivocally varied. we speckled Tintin climbing adult a emporium wall in one partial of town, a lady carrying a lot on her conduct in another and, tighten to a Mont des Arts park, also detected a whole wall that looked to be only for graffiti artists.

6 reasons Brussels should be your subsequent weekend break
It’s only not Brussels yet a bit of Tintin (Picture: Amanda Keats)

Where to stay

Anywhere nearby Grand Place is substantially your best gamble for accommodation yet Brussels is flattering easy to travel around and it has good ride links so if we stayed a small serve out it shouldn’t be an issue.

I’ve had recommendations for Thon hotel in a city centre and another stayed in a pleasing Air B’n’B so there unequivocally are copiousness of options depending on what kind of place you’re after.

How to get there

I got a Eurostar from St Pancras International and managed to get lapse tickets for £88 return. The sight gets from London to Brussels in only over dual hours.

It takes we into Midi hire where we afterwards got a 20 euro pass that had a set series of journeys on it and lonesome me for a 3 days we was there on a subway, train and tram.

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