I used Hotel Tonight to book a ignored staycation — though we wasn’t prepared for one vital drawback


Luxury hotel
This isn’t me, though it’s
flattering most what we looked like all weekend.


With a assistance of an iPhone app, we took my first-ever staycation
final week. 

My sister came to revisit me in New York City and we motionless to
give a city’s boutique hotels a shot rather than stay during my
swarming apartment. 

There’s usually one problem with boutique hotels in New York:
They’re expensive

So we motionless to demeanour for a understanding through Hotel Tonight, a giveaway app for iPhone
and Android. 

Hotel Tonight isn’t new. The app has been around given 2010, and
it has a flattering simple premise: to find we a hotel
immediately (or anytime in a subsequent 7 days) by offering
we bedrooms a hotel itself couldn’t sell.

The app lets we slight down your dates and location, then
available rooms in
a list or map view. T
he app also shows you
ratings and lets we crop by a gallery of
photos. But if we like to select your room type, you’re out
of luck: The hotel picks your room for you, and you’ll usually find
out what room you’re removing on arrival.

Hotel Tonight
Hotel Tonight let we how other people rated their
stay, and provides descriptions of a hotels so we know what
you’re in for.


My sister found us dual super-chic oppulance hotels to try for the
weekend, both during a discount: The Viceroy Central Park and the
NoMad Hotel. 

Both hotels were beautiful, supposing glorious customer
use (one concierge even sent us a splash during dinner), and had
all a amenities of a boutique hotel — during a

A post common by The NoMad Hotel (@thenomadhotel) on
Jun 28, 2017 during 5:55am PDT

A room during a NoMad.

Of course, hotel prices fluctuate, and a rates count on the
time of year and demand. We got a room during a NoMad for $284,
that was cheaper than anywhere else online during a time — for
comparison, bedrooms are going for $350 for subsequent Saturday
night. Our room during a Viceroy was $225, and was again
cheaper than any other cost we could find, though we can book a
room there subsequent Friday for $223 right now.  

There was usually one vital downside of engagement through Hotel
Tonight: The prices listed when scrolling by a app don’t
embody taxes and fees, that can be steep. The fees totaled
$121 for a whole weekend, that was an responsibility we weren’t
expecting. When engagement by Hotel Tonight, you’re charged
both customary hotel taxes, and whatever fees Hotel
Tonight owes to a hotels themselves.

So, would we use Hotel Tonight for future

The additional fees were a bad surprise, and they put us well
over bill for the trip. 

But engagement by a app didn’t impact a turn of
use we received, and both a bedrooms were as beautiful as they

ve been if we’d paid full price.
We probably wouldn’t have detected possibly hotel without
browsing the app, and all in all, we had a fantastic
time. Plus, by engagement frequently through Hotel
Tonight, you start to rack up something called HT
Perks, that give we bigger discounts a some-more we book.

Even if we finish adult getting a improved understanding elsewhere,
Hotel Tonight could finish adult being a useful apparatus in finding
anything from a last-minute work trip to a fabulous

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