It’s Icelandic National Day! Here are 17 reasons because a nation rules

It's Icelandic National Day! Here are 17 reasons because a republic rules
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Few places reflect distance doesn’t matter improved than Iceland.

With usually over 300,000 inhabitants, a Nordic island is a many sparsely-populated country in both Europe and NATO.

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Yet, Iceland has constantly punched above a weight to turn a 13th most grown republic in a world.

In fact, Iceland has turn so appealing that a race is approaching to boost by over 33% over a subsequent few years as some-more and some-more outsiders stoop to a charms.

To applaud Icelandic National Day (June 17), here’s a demeanour during 17 reasons because a land of glow and ice is now a place to be.

It’s a republic of culture

The city of Reykjavik has been designated as a UNESCO city of literature. Woman sitting on a dais by The Reykjavik Pond (Tjornin).
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Iceland has a prolonged tradition of storytelling, dating behind to a 13th Century with a ‘saga’ tales of a country’s Norse settlers. And it’s a tradition that shows no signs of negligence down.

In fact, according to a news published final year, a soaring one in 10 Icelanders will tell a book during some indicate in their life, while a nation’s education rate now stands during an implausible 99%.

Their clarity of wonder

Another soaring statistic is that roughly as many Icelandic people trust in trolls and elves as those who trust in an organized religion.

About 54% of a race is open to a thought that a mischievous imaginary total live among them, while usually 57% describing themselves as a eremite person.

Their music

Iceland has positively overachieved when it comes to producing globally-renowned song artists.

Everyone’s favourite swan dress-wearing, beholden grapefruit, Bjork, is of march a many famous.

But a republic has also given us senseless post-rockers Sigur Ros, supportive troubadour Asgeir and indie-folk quintet Of Monsters And Men, as good as a likes of Emiliana Torrini, GusGus and Olafur Arnalds.

It’s one of a happiest nations in a world

According to a World Happiness news constructed in organisation with a United Nations progressing this year, Icelanders are a third many delighted republic in a world.

In fact, a Nordic countries in ubiquitous seem to be a ultimate happy nations, with Sweden, Finland and Denmark all also appearing in a tip 10, and Norway entrance out on top.

The Blue Lagoon

Outside a Blue Lagoon, Iceland
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The geothermal sauna famous as a Blue Lagoon is value a 846-mile outing to Iceland alone.

Situated on a lava field, a chalky blue, synthetic firth is a many visually overwhelming showering knowledge you’ll ever have, while a warm, mineral-rich waters is also pronounced to assistance urge a skin.

It’s a rarely on-going nation

When it comes to being female-friendly, Iceland are during a tip of a league.

The republic put a ban on frame clubs in 2010 for feminist reasons, it was a initial republic to elect a womanlike President (Vigdis Finnbogadottir from 1980 until 1996) and reportedly has a smallest gender opening in a world.

It also had a initial ever plainly happy conduct of supervision when Johanna Sigurdardottir was inaugurated in 2009.

The Northern Lights

Green auroras over a plateau in a winter skies of Iceland
(Picture: Jorge Fernández/LightRocket around Getty Images)

Yes, a Northern Lights can spasmodic be seen as distant south as Oxfordshire.

But Iceland is one of a many arguable and many enchanting places to see a healthy phenomenon.

The Thingvellir National Park, in particular, is deemed a best hotspot.

It’s one of a slightest aroused nations in a world

According to a Homicide Map combined by a Brazilian consider tank in 2012, Iceland is a third slightest ruthless republic in a world, with usually Liechtenstein and Singapore regarded as safer.

This is notwithstanding a fact that in a republic of usually 300,000 people, there are approximately 90,000 guns. It’s also never had a troops or entered into a vital conflict.

They have a cutest local mammal

Iceland might usually have one local reptile to a name, though it certain is one of a cutest.

Also famous as a white, frigid or sleet fox, a Arctic Fox is also a best-insulated of any reptile and is active all-year round.

Iceland is also home to some-more puffins (10 million) than any other republic in a world.

It’s super environmentally friendly

Iceland is one of a greenest European nations, with a infancy of a homes powered by geothermal energy.

It also plants some-more trees per capita than any other republic in a world.

Its surreal landscape

Icebergs on a Jokulsarlon freezing lake volcanic beach, Iceland
(Picture: Getty)

Of course, many tourists revisit Iceland for a beautifully surreal landscape.

As good as a series of active volcanoes, soaring waterfalls and spurting geysers, a republic also boasts overwhelming ice caves, black sandy beaches and weird stone formations.

It’s tiny wonder, therefore, that Iceland has turn a go-to end for so many illusory films and TV shows.

Star Wars, Game Of Thrones and The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty have all been filmed there in new years.

The object shines during night

For 3 months any year, Iceland practice a probably 24-hour splendid sky any day.

Indeed, due to a object being above a setting during all times, a island sees roughly no dark from May until July.

Its charming buildings

(Picture: Getty)

Iceland’s housing estates could never be indicted of looking lifeless and grey.

In fact, a infancy of buildings are so brightly colour mutual that many built-up areas resemble a Monopoly board.

Its cuisine

Iceland is eminent for delicacies such as marinated shark and smoked puffin, though there’s some-more to a cuisine than surprising seafood.

There’s also Skyr yoghurt and flatkaka bread, while a many famous food corner is a tiny prohibited dog mount in downtown Reykjavik named Baejarins Beztu Pylsur.

Its football teams

Previously a defeat boys of a UEFA confederation, Iceland have gradually turn one of a many reputable footballing nations opposite a world, and now sitting during 22nd place in a FIFA Rankings.

As good as a men’s group reaching a entertain finals of final year’s Euros – famously transfer England out along a approach – a women’s side will also be appearing in their third uninterrupted Euros this summer.

Even a politics is fun

The former mayor of Reykjavik, Jon Gnarr, was a former cab driver-turned-comedian, who usually combined his possess domestic celebration as a fun to satire genuine life events.

Incredibly, Icelanders warmed to him so most that they indeed inaugurated him for real, and he spent 4 years in a position, where he acted as a drag black during Gay Pride, announced he would not enter a bloc supervision with anyone who hadn’t watched The Wire, and suggested that a city change a name to that of his aged speak show.

You can do things we can’t do anywhere else

Iceland is a usually place in a whole universe where we can take a lift down into a magma cover of a volcano.

You can also scuba dive to a building of an underwater ravine where both a Eurasian and North American tectonic plates converge, definition you’re radically straddling dual continents during a same time.

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