Parkour pro has formally hair-raising parkour marriage shoot

Parkour pro has formally hair-raising parkour marriage shoot
Well, it’s not your normal kissing-and-embrace shot (Picture: Caters)

There are marriage photoshoots, and afterwards there are wedding photoshoots.

So when parkour master Chase Armitage tied a tangle with a adore of his life, Amor, they done certain theirs fell into a latter category.

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By – utterly literally – tortuous over retrograde to get a ideal shot.

In front of a super-scenic backdrop of Santorini, Greece, Chase did a array of hair-raising parkour moves on camera with a Aegean Sea behind them.

While Amor sits ideally staid subsequent him.

Chase has had his satisfactory share of adrenaline-boosting activities, carrying worked as a stuntman for films such as Harry Potter and a Deathly Hallows and Pirates of a Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – but what adrenaline rush beats your possess wedding, right?

Head over heels, eh? (Picture: Caters)

Amor pronounced that she initial found Chase online and until that day, she hadn’t famous giveaway using existed.

‘When we watched it we was amazed,’ she said.

‘My jaw forsaken when we saw Chase flipping off Aztec hull in Mexico, we felt an present captivating appetite sketch me towards him. we feel [sic] in adore true away!’

Look. At. That. Sunset (Picture: Caters)

And a span initial saw one another in a strength a year after assembly online.

‘Some people suspicion it was dauntless and a small crazy to transport to a other side of a universe to accommodate a stranger, though we knew it would be a many poignant thing we ever did in my life,’ Amor continued.

Hell, we’d transport to a other side of a universe only to have photos like this.

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