The biggest mistakes that tourists make during a Edinburgh festivals

The biggest mistakes that tourists make during a Edinburgh festivals
Stopping to see each travel performer on a Royal Mile is unequivocally not required (Picture: Getty)

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe kicks off on Friday 4 August.

13 things that will make we realize you’ve been vital divided from Scotland for too long

The largest humanities festival in a universe unsurprisingly draws in large crowds from opposite a globe.

Any Edinburgh proprietor customarily detests this time as one where it takes twice as prolonged to span town, queues for a bar are 3 times as prolonged and you’re going to get stopped to ask where a palace is during slightest 4 times a day.

But a chartering hours are extended so we can during slightest splash your sorrows away.

For those visiting Edinburgh for a festivals we need to know what you’re doing.

Don’t tumble into a same trap as many others that have trod a Capital’s cobbled streets before you.

Not realising that there is some-more to a festivals than comedy

A #throwbackthursday to a @canadianopera prolongation of Stravinsky’s Oedipus Rex with Symphony of Psalms. Did we locate this opening behind during #EdintFest in 2002? Thanks to @the.scotsman repository for a print 📸

A post common by Edinburgh International Fest (@edintfest) on May 11, 2017 during 4:10am PDT

Everyone knows about a Fringe yet in Aug a Edinburgh International Festival (the actual festival) runs alongside a Fringe (what people mistake as a festival).

EIF presents world-class music, entertainment and dance, while we can also find these art forms in a border and art, kids shows and exhibitions.

Getting on a train but a scold change

The biggest mistakes that tourists make during a Edinburgh festivals

In a bid to revoke a disappointment of each Edinburgh proprietor as shortly as a traveller gets on their bus, Lothian Buses have intoxicated outrageous signage opposite train stops explaining in several languages how to get on an Edinburgh bus.

For some reason this doesn’t work.

So I’ll contend this usually once: Edinburgh’s. Buses. Don’t. Give. Change. Or. Take. Cards.


Hanging out in a Grassmarket

Fantastic audience here during Biddy Mulligans for a final day of a @sixnationsrugby and a St. Patrick’s Day Weekend #irishpub #biddyscraic #cowgatestpats #grassmarket #edinburgh

A post common by Biddy_Mulligans (@biddy_mulligans) on Mar 18, 2017 during 3:16pm PDT

It competence be home to several festival venues so feel giveaway to go there for tangible shows.

But it is still usually excusable to splash or eat in a Grassmarket if we are a) underage b) on a ram do or c) indeed no other reason.

Trying to go to too many shows

The biggest mistakes that tourists make during a Edinburgh festivals

Rising during 7am to make a uncover before breakfast, rushing opposite city to opposite niche venues, queuing for additional tickets expelled for that contingency see display and clocking your sixth before we have even got to cooking time.

That is not fun.

Slow down.

Go to a Pleasance.

Have a pint.

That is what a festival is unequivocally about.

Stopping for all a travel performers and people giving out flyers 

Six weeks to go until a 70th anniversary #edfringe! 📸 David Monteith-Hodge

A post common by Edinburgh Festival Fringe (@edfringe) on Jun 23, 2017 during 4:31am PDT

There are some-more travel performers and flyer folk than posh English students in Edinburgh.

Or maybe all a posh English students stay on for a summer to be pronounced travel performers and flyer floggers.

Seeing an Aussie swallow a sword was sparkling a initial time.

But interlude each dual metres on a Royal Mile for another performer or to find out about a latest am-dram isn’t going to get we anywhere.

Queuing to buy tickets during a Fringe box office

The biggest mistakes that tourists make during a Edinburgh festivals

Absolute schoolboy.

This hasn’t been required for many of this millennia.

You know that thing called a internet?

It enables we to buy tickets in allege – even on a same day in some occasions – and we can afterwards swoop in and use a collection machines in a box bureau instead of station in queues to buy them from tellers.

Alternatively, many venues sell tickets directly and a half-price hovel is always value checking out for a day tickets.

Avoiding giveaway shows as they consider they’ll be pish

we told some people I’d perform in my underwear if they came to my uncover so we did. They didn’t come though. #edfringe #freefringe

A post common by Jeff Seal (@jeffoseal) on Aug 17, 2016 during 12:46pm PDT

Why are Scots famous for being tight?

Probably since not many of them have indeed paid for a festival sheet in their life.


The festival and border are home to hundreds of travel performers and dual giveaway festivals: PBH’s Free Fringe and The Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

These capacitate everybody to entrance good (and not so great) shows for small or no money.

Some people even perform in their pants.

Don’t be a sum miser yet – chuck during slightest some coppers in a bucket during a end.

Claiming they have Scottish ancestry

The biggest mistakes that tourists make during a Edinburgh festivals

When an act asks where you’re from and a answer is Canada or Spain that is fine.

Just don’t behind that adult with, ‘But I’m partial Scottish/my great-great-great-aunt was Scottish/I once listened a Scottish song’.

Nobody cares, we already know we’re a best nationality in a universe but everybody else perplexing to get in on it.

Asking anyone that lives in Edinburgh where a palace is from

“The stately Edinburgh Castle!” No some-more difference indispensable @khaledalmazro! #EdinburghCastle #Edinburgh #castle #HHA2017 #Scotland #LoveScotland #VisitScotland #ScotSpirit

A post common by VisitScotland (@visitscotland) on Jul 21, 2017 during 11:33am PDT

Just don’t do this.

It needs no explanation.  

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