The International Church of Cannabis is about to open the doors

The International Church of Cannabis is about to open a doors
More charming than your normal internal place of ceremony (Picture:

From Thursday 20 April, weed smokers will be means to smoke, learn and simulate during the International Church of Cannabis.

Get mislaid in Britain’s 19 many pleasing streets

Yep – from 4/20, fans of a immature things in Denver, Colorado in a US can join their really possess congregation.

They call themselves ‘elevationists’; people who believe that an ‘individual’s devout journey, and hunt for meaning, is one of self-discovery that can be accelerated and deepened with protocol cannabis use’:

‘Through ritual, guided by devout practice, church members use a dedicated flower to exhibit a best chronicle of self, learn a artistic voice and heighten their village with a fruits of that creativity,’ the church’s website reads.

In other words, it’s a space where we can fume adult with associate weed smokers.

Church of cannabis
Time to container your bags (Picture:

But not in a student, stoner-y kind of approach (sorry); Steve Berke, one of a co-founders, insisted on KDVR that ‘we’re not a garland of Cheech and Chong stoners’ though that ‘we wish to impact a village in a certain way’.

In fact, he pronounced that on a opening, celebrations will include guest speakers, educational panels, musicians and comedians.

And rather than contrary with other religions, he insists that elevationism can co-exist with other faiths we competence have – there’s no acclimatisation needed:

The betterment cannabis church
Founders Steve Berke and Lee Molloy (Picture: westword.comThomas/Mitchell)

‘Elevationism is not a deputy to your existent faith. It’s some-more a addition to it,’ he said.

‘You can be a Christian and an Elevationist, we can be Jewish and an Elevationist – as prolonged as we trust in elevating your life to a best chronicle of yourself.

The church itself is a converted Lutheran church now lonesome in charming murals and smoking paraphernalia.

Though they’re still fundraising for a much-needed new boiler and infirm access.

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