The tip 9 US airline rewards programs where it’s easiest to acquire a giveaway round-trip flight


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Time for an upgrade.
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Air transport can be pricey.

But rest assured, we don’t have to be
a world-class transport hacker with dozens of credit cards to
save income on flights.

In fact, many of America’s biggest airlines offer perk-filled
visit flyer programs for a normal spender. It’s only a
matter of anticipating a one that will accommodate your needs — and will
prerogative we with some freebies along a way.

U.S. News World Report recently expelled their annual
ranking of
a best airline rewards programs for bland travelers,
formed mostly on a palliate of earning and saving free
round-trip flights by miles and points.

To accumulate a list, U.S. News looked during 9 visit flyer
programs offering by US-based airlines. U.S. News also factored in
a extent and farrago of moody routes, endowment flight
availability, and additional benefits, like giveaway checked bags or
upgrades, for simple members of any program.

They also deliberate a series of daily flights and the
airline’s peculiarity rating, yet these metrics hold a least
weight in calculating a final ranking. You can review U.S. News’
full methodology here.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan landed a No. 1 mark on the
list. Members of a module can acquire miles to redeem free
flights by drifting on a series of carriers, including American
Airlines, Virgin, British Airways, and Emirates. Members also
have a choice of saving points by staying with 10 hotel
partners, including Best Western, Marriott, and Hilton.

Below, check out a rest of a tip 9 transport rewards programs
for 2017 (for minute information on any program, follow the
links behind to U.S. News):

1. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

  • Overall score:
  • Ease of earning a giveaway moody score: 4.7
  • Network coverage score: 4.7
  • Additional advantages score: 5

2. Delta SkyMiles

  • Overall score:
  • Ease of earning a giveaway moody score: 3.8
  • Network coverage score: 4.6
  • Additional advantages score: 5

3. JetBlue TrueBlue

  • Overall score:
  • Ease of earning a giveaway moody score: 4.5
  • Network coverage score: 3
  • Additional advantages score: 5

4. Southwest Rapid Rewards

  • Overall score:
  • Ease of earning a giveaway moody score: 4.5
  • Network coverage score: 2
  • Additional advantages score: 3.8

5. United MileagePlus

  • Overall score:
  • Ease of earning a giveaway moody score: 3.1
  • Network coverage score: 4.9
  • Additional advantages score: 5

6. American Airlines AAdvantage

  • Overall score:
  • Ease of earning a giveaway moody score: 3.4
  • Network coverage score: 4.5
  • Additional advantages score: 5

7. HawaiianMiles

  • Overall score:
  • Ease of earning a giveaway moody score: 3
  • Network coverage score: 2.5
  • Additional advantages score: 5

8. Frontier EarlyReturns

  • Overall score:
  • Ease of earning a giveaway moody score: 4.4
  • Network coverage score: 1.3
  • Additional advantages score: 2.8


  • Overall score:
  • Ease of earning a giveaway moody score: 2.2
  • Network coverage score: 0.7
  • Additional advantages score: 1.5

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