This Japanese festival has babies competing to cry a loudest

This Japanese festival has babies competing to cry a loudest
The baby that cries initial wins (Picture: EPA/KIMIMASA MAYAMA)

Being trapped on open ride with a great baby is one of life’s biggest tests.

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You can’t do anything about it, a primogenitor can’t do anything about it – all we can do is urge it’ll please, greatfully stop.

But during a certain festival in Tokyo yesterday, attendees wanted anything though assent and quiet.

On Sunday 30 Apr during a Sensoji Temple during Asakusa, the baby great foe – Nakizumo – took place in Japan.

Throughout a competition, 160 babies innate in 2016 participated in a open eventuality that celebrates and prays for babies’ health and growth.

Baby great foe of Nakizumo in Tokyo
Life will get better, child (Picture: EPA/KIMIMASA MAYAMA)


Baby great foe of Nakizumo in Tokyo
Serious business (Picture: EPA/KIMIMASA MAYAMA)

As we competence have guessed, a baby that cries a initial wins.

Since a contestants are, we know, babies, any many be hold adult to face a other by an pledge sumo wrestler.

Each wrestler and others in a ring attempt to make them cry, possibly by kindly jolt them, tickling them or wearing frightful masks as a sumo arbitrate stands in a centre of a ring.

Baby great foe of Nakizumo in Tokyo
The 400-year-old festival is ostensible to move a babies good health (Picture: EPA/KIMIMASA MAYAMA)


Baby great foe of Nakizumo in Tokyo
If all else fails, they lift out a masks (Picture: EPA/KIMIMASA MAYAMA)

And a baby that cries a beginning and loudest wins.

It sounds flattering mean, though a atmosphere is light hearted, and a propitious winning baby is given (along with its not-so-lucky parents) the honour of being deemed a healthiest – rather than many vitriolic – baby.

And according to a tradition will have a long, active life.

So subsequent time a baby kicks off on a sight to work, consider – during slightest it’s not a festival full of them.

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