Want to be �lite like some arrange of Grecian goddess? Head to Aqua Sana in Sherwood Forest

Want to be �lite like a Grecian goddess? Head to Aqua Sana in Sherwood Forest
Tree-top sauna anyone? (Picture: Aqua Sana)

There’s a tiny oasis in Sherwood Forest; a woodland consternation that promises saunas with views over a treetops, rainforest showers and volcanic steam rooms.

It’s a tour from Ancient Greece to a Tropics, to Medieval Scandinavia and behind – all in a white robe.

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It’s a Aqua Sana spa.

Not ones for organized fun, my relatives always insincere that Center Parcs was a Nottingham-based Butlins and therefore wanted zero to do with it.

Not for us a stay activities and hoards of kids.

So when we found out that there was indeed this oppulance sauna located within a drift a Sherwood Forest reserve, we was baffled.

How oppulance could it presumably be? Wouldn’t it be full of families pissing in a pool and mucking around in a prohibited tubs?

Want to be �lite like a Grecian goddess? Head to Aqua Sana in Sherwood Forest
(Picture: Aqua Sana)

Turns out that Center Parcs is like a Waitrose of family timberland holidays and a Aqua Sana sauna is about as lush as we could wish to find outward a 7* hotel.

In fact, it’s such an all-round pampering knowledge that we returned to my locker to reserve divided my phone 5 mins after stepping out of a changing bedrooms since we couldn’t be arsed wasting time Instagramming or holding photos when there was so many relaxing to be done. And that’s observant something.

It’s not crash in a core of a parc activities, though rather is located as we start to make your approach into a forest. If you’re usually going for a relaxing sauna day, chances are that we won’t confront any Center  Parc-ers. And if we are spending a weekend there, you’re subsequent to your cabins so we can tumble out of a sauna and into your private board though any trouble.

We, of course, motionless to make a many of a spa’s surprising chain by journeying into a centre of a parc that dusk and removing sensitively pissed during Bella Italia, though withdrawal that aside…

Want to be �lite like a Grecian goddess? Head to Aqua Sana in Sherwood Forest
(Picture: Aqua Sana)

The sauna centres around a pleasing pool that looks like something out of Ancient Greece or Egypt. It’s where we suppose Cleopatra lay in her ass’ milk. It’s beautiful.

That bit is also unclosed so we can float about with a object streaming down on you. we swam around feeling like Queen Nefertiti being pummelled by jet streams and basking in a dappling light.

Around a pool are large bedrooms located on dual floors.

My favourite was a volcanic steam room that was representation black solely for a raise of volcanic stone in a centre. The smell was positively fantastic and a feverishness was impassioned though we could have stayed in there all day had we not disturbed about shrivelling adult and dying.

Want to be �lite like a Grecian goddess? Head to Aqua Sana in Sherwood Forest
The volcanic steam room (Picture: Aqua Sana)

I visited Aqua Sana with my beloved and had requisitioned a couple’s massage to have during a march of a afternoon. He had a bruise back, we was utterly stressed – it was necessary.

We were led into a darkened room where dual smiling masseuses were watchful to kindly lambaste a bodies like proposal meat. It was so relaxing in fact that George fell defunct and started snoring and when we attempted to get adult after a treatment, we indeed fell off a bed and lay, naked, sprawled on a diagnosis floor. 

Granted, that undid some of a zen that a massage had cultivated though we consider it was a covenant to a masseuse’s skills nonetheless.

Want to be �lite like a Grecian goddess? Head to Aqua Sana in Sherwood Forest
If usually gym saunas were this splendid and purify (Picture: Aqua Sana)

At a finish of a diagnosis (dressed and somewhat some-more with it), we were presented goodie bags installed with all kinds of treats, given a potion of bubbly and lead to a pleasing decrease room looking into a timberland to ‘come behind to a senses’.

Inside a bags, a therapists had created records about a tensions and skin – and had given us products that they recommended. For me, we had parsimonious shoulders, tiny pockets of acne and a multiple skin. we was given some poetic moisturiser and serum to provide both, as good as some palm cream and a spike polish set. George was told he had dry skin (because he never listens when we contend he should use face cream…) and had a parsimonious top behind – and they tended to those issues.

Want to be �lite like a Grecian goddess? Head to Aqua Sana in Sherwood Forest
(Picture: Aqua Sana)

We lay there supping a drinks and reading magazines for a while before streamer behind to a cafeteria for a slap-up lunch of vegetarian callaloni and some kind of tomato panini – both of that came with large bowls of salad.

And after that, we dedicated a rest of a time to checking out each room.

Outside a categorical building was a large teepi that was kitted out like some arrange of Viking hunters tent, finish with animal skins, a glow and what we can usually report as a arrange of low pivotal Scandinavian genealogical soundtrack.

Want to be �lite like a Grecian goddess? Head to Aqua Sana in Sherwood Forest
Are we in 1800s Sweden or are we in 2017 Nottinghamshire? (Picture: Aqua Sana)

After going into about 10 conflicting sauna and steam bedrooms by this point, we were feeling tired. We indispensable a tiny snooze and so tucked in underneath a raise of furs, bunkered down for a discerning sleep. 

However, a tent was handily subsequent to a integrate of prohibited tubs so we did eventually conduct to flay ourselves divided to get into a bubbling tub.

Upstairs, a concentration is some-more on decrease rather than reinvigoration. 

Water beds, large baskets, sofas looking over a treetops. 

There was a whole operation of people during a spa. Groups of women on girls weekends. Mothers and daughters. Couples. The peculiar organisation of guys. People on their possess enjoying some peculiarity ‘me’ time. And mercifully not a child in sight.

In fact, we don’t consider we saw any until we motionless to go and book a justice for tennis a subsequent morning; a categorical family heart of a place is during slightest a 10 notation travel from Aqua Sana and a lodges around it. And that’s ideal since when you’re on a sauna weekend, we don’t wish to hear any screeching or yelling. You don’t wish crowds of people. You wish to hear a birds singing and that’s about it. And that’s what we got.

Our board was on a corner of a parc, with a behind garden full of squirrels who assimilated us for a basket of pastries that had been left there for a breakfasts (you can pre-order breakfast baskets to be in your cabin when we arrive, or we can book to eat in one of a many restaurants onsite).

The subsequent morning we woke rested and happy, prepared to play a diversion of tennis in a object and returned to London a few hours after feeling like new people.

My gym’s sauna and steam room will never seem lush or imagination ever again.

Practical info


Spa days from £85 per person.

Spa breaks form £185 per person, including sauna access, cooking and accommodation, or £215 including a facial, back, neck and shoulder massage.

You can book here.


We trafficked adult around Virgin Trains East Coast, from Kings Cross to Newark Northgate.

From there, we took a 20 notation (ish) cab float with Aura Journeys, that forsaken us off right outward a sauna and picked us adult a subsequent day from a carpark (which is usually opposite).

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