We lived in an Airbnb little home for a week — and it was totally opposite than what we expected


Tiny Home AirBnb 18Hollis Johnson

One week. One little home. Two oversized personalities. 

The latest Bravo existence show? No, only a work outing with dual Business Insider reporters looking for a place to rest their sap heads after a prolonged day of dedicated and eager fast-food investigating. 

When we requisitioned a little home by Airbnb in Charlottesville, Virginia, we didn’t know what to expect: a quirky little respite, or a little home of terror. 

Would a tiny space be inhabitable, or unspeakably tighten and uncomfortable? Could dual colleagues co-inhabit such tighten buliding and still sojourn on vocalization terms? And there’s a bathroom, right?

What we detected cracked the expectations in some-more ways than one. 

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