Why a reinvention of clubbing holidays means they are for you


Why a reinvention of clubbing holidays means they ARE for you

Think clubbing holidays aren’t for you? Think again.

Clubbing holidays as we know them have been reinvented and are now prejudiced of a slicing corner of enlightenment stage in European travel.

These days, a clubbing holiday means spending a relaxing day in a cold out beach review and exploring a city by night like a loyal local, by experiencing a authentic and sparkling nightlife.

The venues aren’t a neon-encrusted, decrepit venues of days left by, they’re low pivotal and colourful internal destinations guaranteed to move a disturb to even a many demure celebration people.

We’ve come together with Scene by Thomson’s Holiday packages and have gathered a list of 5 of a best places to try what a reinvention of clubbing means for holiday makers.

Why a reinvention of clubbing holidays means they ARE for you
Clubbing holidays have altered – Scene by Thomson holidays are only as many about perfect, cold days than noted nights


Only got a weekend? Ibiza could be for you.

When we consider of Ibiza, you’d be forgiven for initial and inaugural meditative of it as a celebration island.

The island is home to some of a world’s many iconic clubs and clubbing scenes, including areas like Sant Antoni de Portmany, that has been called a clubbing collateral of a universe, and Playa d’en Bossa featuring a famous bar Ushuaia and featuring a longest beach on a island.

If this sounds like your ideal holiday, afterwards you’d be tough pulpy to find a improved place to stay than Ibiza Rocks offering by Scene the ideal celebration pad. And a best news? It is even closer to a beach than it is to a famous night life, definition we can chill and modernise on Ibiza’s ideal white sands in a day, or suffer a cocktail by a pool…

Why a reinvention of clubbing holidays means they ARE for you

But there is so many some-more on offer in this paradise.

It’s value exploring a hippy markets with friends – and we can’t forget Santa Eulalia is a island’s foodie capital. Spend a night celebration booze and munching on tapas – a ideal low-key approach to knowledge Ibiza.


Zante is a ideal mix of fun venues and overwhelming scenery.

If you’re prejudiced to some-more of a normal clubbing scene, you’ll substantially already know all about Zante’s infamous foam parties.

You’ll be means to spend your evenings removing soppy ‘n’ furious during froth parties hosted during Zero nightclub, located in Laganas, a celebration collateral of a island. If froth doesn’t boyant your boat, we can also try removing coated in UV paint while dancing a night away. If this sounds like your ideal night, try Vivian Hotel offering by Scene as a place to rest your head.

Right in a centre of a celebration district, it boasts a pool bar for a ultimate idle days, and is tighten to overwhelming beaches. Why not conduct out on a vessel outing where we competence even be propitious adequate to locate steer of a proprietor loggerhead turtles.

If we meddlesome in something a bit some-more low-key, we can try a islands informative breakwater in Zante Town, with loads of food and splash options accessible you’ll be vital it adult like a internal in no time.

During your days there’s another choice that involves removing soppy ‘n’ wild, scuba diving!

Why a reinvention of clubbing holidays means they ARE for you



Have a bit some-more time? Cancun is a one.

The options for low-key merrymaking are unconstrained in Cancun and there is no improved approach to knowledge a plcae than strolling by a array of cantinas and sampling some of a best of what a internal restaurants have on offer.

La Destileria, Boulevard Kukulcan, is a lagoon-side distillery featuring all a best internal food and splash options a island has on offer.

If that all sounds a bit tame for your liking, a nightclubs in a Hotel Zone competence be what you’re looking for.

Featuring all night parties, light shows and luminary guest DJs, you’ll unequivocally be merrymaking like a luminary here.

The Hard Rock Hotel Cancun offering by Scene is a ideal place to stay no matter your celebration style. Located somewhat divided from a celebration zone, though still tighten adequate to concede we to dance a night away, a review is entirely installed to stir while we rest. And it is right on a widen of white sand. Bliss. 

Why a reinvention of clubbing holidays means they ARE for you
The beautiful Hard Rock Hotel offering by Scene


Crete is ideal for a weekend divided with friends, alone or with a partner.

Your days could be filled with sandy white beaches, or we can conduct over to Hania to knowledge Old Town in all a glory.

The nightlife in Crete has unconstrained possibilities. If we cite something a bit some-more upbeat, a outing over to Malia offers nightlife filled with song of all ranges, and for all that pumping celebration action, conduct true to Dimokratias Street.

Why a reinvention of clubbing holidays means they ARE for you
The hotel’s pool and spin sections are always a large hit

For all we celebration disturb seekers, check out Ilios Malia offering by Scene. While many people are captivated to a fact that a best clubs and bars are literally on your doorstep, a pool, with a dual spin sections, and a circuitously beach, mostly finish adult being only as many of a highlight.

There are so many locations and celebration speeds to try here, you’ll be engagement another weekend before you’ve even left.

Who says we can’t have it all?


Why a reinvention of clubbing holidays means they ARE for you



For some-more good holiday packages for all lovers of nightlife, conduct to Scene by Thomson  for inspiration.

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