Why your subsequent brief mangle should be a Surf and Yoga holiday in Taghazout

Why your subsequent brief mangle should be a Surf and Yoga holiday in Taghazout
Time to roller (Picture: Shiraz Ksaiba/ Amayour Surf)

When a crony suggested a roller and yoga holiday in Morocco, I wasn’t sure package holidays were my thing.

It kind of conjured adult images of mass traveller outings, bad food and prominence over being ripped off.

Surf and yoga are dual things I’ve never scrupulously attempted before (downward dog always creates me giggle) plus Africa sounds splendidly outlandish though expensive.

‘Neither have we though let’s try it,’ Jess said, pulling my sausage dog Scout off her lap. ‘We need a break.’

A quick iPhone search showed us that both RyanAir and Easyjet fly to Agadir for as small as £40 any approach (probably reduction if we book unequivocally early), a brief expostulate divided from Taghazout.

Further review suggested that Morocco is in the time section as Britain, meaning no jet lag, and a small boutique hostel at Amayour Surf was usually £325 per person for seven days.

We requisitioned and here’s given a roller and yoga holiday in Taghazout should be your subsequent mangle too – even if you’re a sum beginner.

Stay in an authentic Moroccan guest house

Why your subsequent brief mangle should be a Surf and Yoga holiday in Taghazout
Amayour Surf’s roof patio has normal Berber designs (Picture: Shiraz Ksaiba)

One of a best pieces about a outing was finding that a hostel – Amayour Surf – was in no approach a kind of place we was disturbed about. It was some-more like staying in authentic Moroccan home divided from home and a kind of place we could possibly stone adult to with your mates, partner or honestly even alone (they have special solo packages).

Second was realising that Amayour Surf does the best home-cooked food in Taghazout. I’ll come behind to a food in a bit. But, seriously, wow.

The guest residence is unequivocally small with a limit of usually 13 guest so a whole vibe is flattering cold and unequivocally most about unresolved out with other travellers as good as dual tortoises, a ginger kitten, a puppy, and some cactus plants on the roof terrace.

The place is entirely kitted out with all a boards, wetsuits and is usually a brief travel from both beaches in Taghazout as good as carrying some of a best roller instructors in a area.

The roller hostel is run by internal Moroccan surfer M’Hand Naciri (pronounced ‘my hand’ though said quickly) and London photographer Shiraz Ksaiba, who changed to Taghazout from North London dual years ago with her eight-year-old daughter Matilda.

Both were unequivocally easy going and Shiraz in particular seemed to always be there for whatever it was we needed – be it arranging trips to a souks in Agadir or engagement a hammam massage.

Everything was totally bespoke too. Anyone who fanciful spending all their time surfing rather than doing yoga could tailor their outing that approach – and clamp versa.

One tip. The Muslim call to request infrequently starts adult as early as 5am so take some ear plugs unless we wish to wake up to pray.

Shiraz (Picture:Shiraz Ksaiba) (Picture: Shiraz Ksaiba) (Picture: Shiraz Ksaiba) One of a doubles (Picture: Shiraz Ksaiba) All a bunks are in a normal Berber clan character (Picture: Shiraz Ksaiba)

Taghazout has some of a best roller in a world

Sunset roller on Taghazout Beach with Amayour Surf (Picture: Shiraz Ksaiba)
Sunset roller on Panorama Beach with Amayour Surf (Picture: Shiraz Ksaiba)

Not usually are there several point breaks within walking widen from Taghazout encampment – Anchor Point (pro), Killer Point (pro), Banana Point and Hash Point – though there are also several beach breaks during Panorama Beach, Banana Beach, Devil’s Rock and La Source.

That means something for everyone, possibly messing about as a amateur or roving some critical barrels as a pro.

And if a waves aren’t auxiliary in Taghazout, there are some-more spots during Tamri Beach, The KMs, Draculas (pro), Boilers (pro), Immesouane Beach and Immesouane Point a drive away.

After usually a few days surfing with M’hand and his hermit Lashan, dual of Amayour Surf’s instructors, we was station adult on my house with no problem during all.

It was also flattering cold saying camels on the beach as good as having a fish tagine grill watchful for us after one morning’s surf, baked by Shiraz.

Amayour Surf provide all a play and equipment so that was easy too and a locals were laid back about tourists wearing bikinis on a beach.

One of a many camels on a beach (Picture: Amy Willis) Fishing boats lined adult along one beach in Taghazout (Picture: Amy Willis) Catching a call on Panorama Beach (Picture: Amy Willis) Here's a roller instructor Lashan tucking into lunch. Amayour Surf is a usually place in Taghazout that does a tagine BBQ on a beach (Picture: Amy Willis)

You can do yoga in front of the ocean

Why your subsequent brief mangle should be a Surf and Yoga holiday in Taghazout
Yoga on a tip tier roof patio during Amayour Surf (Picture: Shiraz Ksaiba/Amayour Surf)

Nothing beats an heated yoga event to a sound of waves rolling in beside we and a perspective of a ocean.

The best time to do yoga is initial thing in a morning and/or during nightfall given the Moroccan object can get flattering prohibited during a day. It indeed goes ideally with a surfing to widen out your muscles before all that paddling.

You can do yoga on the beach in Taghazout (a one notation travel from a hostel) though a tip tier of Amayour Surf’s roof patio is substantially improved to equivocate removing silt everywhere and still get a perspective of the waves and the beach.

If we took a roller usually package, we can book yoga sessions for around £8 any or offshoot adult to Amayour’s wifi and follow a giveaway march online. I started this one on YouTube, that was easy to follow and I’ve kept it going given removing behind to a UK.

Yoga mats are already during a hostel during no additional cost and we can skip a whole roller thing and usually do yoga for the week if that’s some-more your thing.

You can eat camel and sip avocado shakes

Why your subsequent brief mangle should be a Surf and Yoga holiday in Taghazout
Every morning we had a freshest of Moroccan breakfasts with anniversary mixture (Picture: Amy Willis)

Every morning Shiraz served adult bowls of uninformed fruit in yoghurt and sugar with uninformed arabian coffee, packet tea, baked spiced eggs with prosaic bread, baguettes and Moroccan Argan butter.

Avocado shakes on a beach front (the one with all a fishing boats), churned with possibly divert or orange juice, dates and bananas were a genuine warn and whole artichokes served adult with a camel tagine on a initial day took my exhale away. we unequivocally wasn’t awaiting that.

Why your subsequent brief mangle should be a Surf and Yoga holiday in Taghazout
All a food served is anniversary and we were propitious adequate to get these artichokes that we dipped in a special salsa (Picture: Amy Willis)

Hamza’s seafood grill nearby Agadir is good value a revisit too with whole lobsters, John Dori fish, huge prawns, langoustines and calamari served some-more or reduction true from a sea. It’s travel food so design low-key with charming cosmetic chairs though a seafood is out of this world. It was usually £11 any for a lot too.

The seafood during Hamza's travel food grill was flattering implausible (Picture: Amy Willis) Avocado smoothie on a waterfront (Picture: Amy Willis)

Alcohol is sincerely tough to come by in Morocco. That creates it easy to have a sum detox. But for a ethanol contingent among us, Amayour Surf is one of a few places in a encampment where we can buy booze and drink sincerely cheap. we started off drinking loads of small Moroccan cups of a stuff but by a finish of a week didn’t really worry and had a bit of an unintended detox.

One of a good things too about Morocco is that it is one of a usually countries in a universe to have totally criminialized cosmetic bags – and a lot of hotels are looking during apropos some-more eco-friendly, including Amayour Surf. There’s still a bit of spawn on a beaches though people are unequivocally unwavering of it and are starting to purify things up.

Be scrubbed and massaged during a Moroccan Hammam

Why your subsequent brief mangle should be a Surf and Yoga holiday in Taghazout
(picture: Getty)

One somewhat some-more costly provide was removing a normal Moroccan Hammam and massage in a mountains.

A hamman is fundamentally being scrubbed from conduct to toe with soaps and shampoos in a steam room and carrying all a passed skin scraped off your back, that is infrequently satisfying.

The practice is to go topless though if we ask, you can keep your bikini tip on as we did.

Getting a London prominence pummelled out of we during the massage was good and a whole thing lasted about dual hours. It cost about 400 Dirham a chairman (£32). There is also a most cheaper Hammam choice during a internal Hammam though though a massage for about £10. Shiraz can help we arrange both.

Oh – and while we didn’t do it – there is an choice to let snails drool over your face to make your skin beautiful. Pretty certain it doesn’t work though we never know.

Visit botanical gardens and float in healthy pools

Why your subsequent brief mangle should be a Surf and Yoga holiday in Taghazout
Woman outstanding argan nuts open before they are belligerent into an oil (Picture: Amy Willis)

I never realize absinthe was a plant but, well, there it was flourishing in a botanical garden run by a Women’s Cooperative usually outward Taghazout.

We were also shown how Moroccan Argan oil is finished by palm and we can buy 100% Argan oil for your hair and skin during a mild for around £20.

From there we gathering a small serve to a place called Paradise Valley where we bathed in healthy pools forged out by the hollow and hiked to find a good mark to sunbathe.

Wander around normal Souks in Agadir

Why your subsequent brief mangle should be a Surf and Yoga holiday in Taghazout
Coffee being weighed to sequence (Picture: Amy Willis)

There’s all in a souks of Agadir from creatively belligerent coffee to spices, teapots, hand-woven blankets, rugs and beautifully designed plates and lamps.

Watching (and smelling) the coffee being belligerent was my prominence though usually erratic around a souk was an eye-opener with some-more or reduction all accessible on sale from food to garments to domicile goods.

Everything was possibly a tender part or an object finished in Morocco by internal tradesmen and women too.

(Picture: Amy Willis) Hundreds of steel pots and teapots for sale during a Souk in Agadir (Picture: Amy Willis) (Picture: Amy Willis)

How to book

I went with Amayour Surf’s half moon package, that includes 4 roller lessons (all pack included), breakfast and lunch, a outing to Agadir’s souks and Paradise Valley for €385 (£325) though there’s also a full moon package, that includes dusk dishes and ride from a airfield for €455 (£385).

In hindsight, after realising how good a food was, we substantially would have finished a full moon (which incidentally is what ‘Amayour’ means). There are also upgrades to share one of a two double bedrooms rather than a bunks.

To book email hello@amayoursurf.com or around the Amayour Surf website.

There are loads of inexpensive flights from London with possibly RyanAir or Easyjet and they take around 3 hours.

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