Woman travels a universe for giveaway looking after animals and staying in poetic homes

Woman travels a universe looking after animals
(Pictures: Caters News)

Travelling a universe for giveaway and being surrounded by animals all day sounds like a dream life.

One lady from Ireland is vital that reality, operative a pursuit that takes her to intemperate homes in outlandish destinations including Oman, Spain, Dubai, and Morocco.

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Maria Keehan, 60, began her journey 3 years ago after determining she wanted some-more out of life – she mislaid her father 5 years earlier, and was late from her career as a medical receptionist.

Now, she stays in people’s homes around a universe for giveaway by house-sitting for them while looking after their pets.

And once she is finished one job, she’s on to a new feathery companion, and a new destination.

Woman travels a universe looking after animals
(Picture: Caters News)

It’s all down to a site TrustedHousesitters. The site enables members to stay for giveaway in people’s homes in over 140 countries to demeanour after their pets while they are away.

Animal owners get someone to demeanour after their animals – for anything from a night or a weekend to weeks or months – while a pet sitter gets to transport and stay in new locations during no some-more than a cost of membership, that is from £7.42 per month.

Interested pet sitters have to start off tiny and build adult a repute on a site, carrying out internal pet sits and winning certain reviews, before requesting for a some-more rival sits in outlandish and pleasing spots.

Maria warranted people’s trust all around a creation – honing progressing skills and practice from flourishing adult on a farm.

In fact, it’s worked out so good for Maria that she’s even sole her home to entirely dedicate to her wayfarer lifestyle.

She says in a pursuit she has looked after all sorts of animals, from rabbits, cats, dogs, chickens, fish, and even a turtle.

Maria’s recommendation for anyone wanting to start residence sitting is simple. She says: ‘Start internal with a staycation and build adult your references before going for going too distant afield, or requesting for super sits all turn a world. My initial residence lay was in Devon and it was a good knowledge to build on.”

‘My initial residence lay was in Devon and it was a good knowledge to build on.’

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