You can get strike with a $11,000 excellent if we splash your possess ethanol on a flight


We asked moody attendant Celessa Dietzel a one thing she wishes everyone knew about flying. Following is a twin of a video.

It’s only like a bar. You wouldn’t move your possess splash into a bar.

You can't splash your possess ethanol on an aircraft. A lot of people don’t know this. You can move your underneath 3.4 unit or reduction small bottles, mini-bottles hermetic in a cosmetic container. That is authorised by TSA.

You can tuck that into your carry-on bag. You can't open that up, we can't devour it. Don’t do it on an aircraft.

You can't be inebriated on an aircraft. It’s a really large understanding right now and it’s been function a lot, and a lot of people only don’t know. They think, “I’ll sequence a potion of ice, and a thing of tonic and we’ll only open adult a bar.”

It’s only a large no-no. That’s only bad etiquette, and it’s outrageous a Federal Aviation law and adult to an $11,000 excellent so it’s a really costly drink, so only don’t do it.

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