You can get to New York beaches for $1 if we download this app

You can get to New York beaches for $1 if we download this app
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Gettin’ yo bronze on customarily comes during a price.

Transport, food, that rocking one-piece we spent distant too most on (but what do we caring — we demeanour HOT in it). Point is, a submissive bit of fun during a beach routinely means vital off ramen for a week that deduction it.

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So we’re gay to hear a Sand Gods know a first-world problem, and have motionless to chuck us a towel.

It’s called Skedaddle: A giveaway app charity next-to-nothing prices for a day during a beach. You can’t disagree with $1.

screenshot of Skedaddle's $1 beach destinations around New York
Skedaddle’s $1 beach destinations around New York (Picture: Skedaddle)

It works by selecting your possess pick-up, end and time. Usually, we need 9 others to burst on a outing before we can join that float in a oppulance automobile (they indeed demeanour large-and-in-charge, if a YouTube ad creates good on a word).

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If we start a outing and successfully bag yourself all a rando passengers, afterwards congratulations, you’ve only warranted yourself a giveaway fare. Others will have to compensate a price, though during no aloft rate than holding open transport.

Screenshot of Skeddadle beach destinations around new york
So. Cheap. (Picture: Skedaddle)

It’s easy to separate remuneration — no cash, paper or tickets needed.

But it only so happens a guys over during Skedaddle are feeling generous, and have laid on countless celebration buses to several beach destinations outward of New York City for only one measly dollar.

The pick-up locations are dotted around available places in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Destinations embody Jones Beach, Point Pleasant, Long Beach, Atlantic Beach, Sandy Hook Beach and Robert Moses Beach.

Tickets are offered out quick, though a uninformed collection will be on offer each Saturday. So container your favourite mojito brew and contend a outrageous ‘yaaaas’ to summer in New York.

skyline of new york city midtown manhattan including sovereignty state building
Take a mangle from a large city for only $1 (Picture: Getty Images)

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