You can no longer eat pizza by Rome’s famous fountains

You can no longer eat pizza by Rome's famous fountains
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Long have we dreamed of visiting Rome, and when we dream these dreams, we dream of a really specific scenario.

We float around on Vespas with someone cute. We wear white shirts and sunglasses. We pronounce ideal Italian. Everything is in black and white.

And many importantly, we sip booze and eat gelato and pizza by a Trevi Fountain.

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Yes, maybe these dreams were desirous mostly by aged films and Mary-Kate and Ashley’s iconic video release, When In Rome. But still. They’re critical to us.

Which is because it’s such a bummer to learn that we are no longer authorised to eat pizza or sip booze by a Trevi Fountain – or any of Rome’s other iconic fountains, for that matter.

Our dreams are dashed and a destiny holiday is ruined.

The city has strictly criminialized eating and celebration around any fountains that have chronological stress – that’s 40 fountains around a city in total.

You can no longer eat pizza by Rome's famous fountains
(Picture: ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images)

The anathema will sojourn in place via a summer, until 31 October, so there will be no pizza-fueled fountain frolicking to be enjoyed while a sun’s shining.

And, to be clear, it’s a anathema on all eating and drinking, not usually a eating of pizza or a celebration of wine. No gelato by a fountains. No cannoli. Nothing.

Food and splash aren’t a usually things banned, mind you.

You can no longer eat pizza by Rome's famous fountains
BANNED. (Picture: Baris Seckin/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Rome has also released bans on soaking yourself, your pet, or your garments in a fountain, sitting on a fountain, swimming in a fountains, or climbing a fountains.

Throwing coins into a H2O is still allowed, though a throwing of any other objects is really not.

Break any of these manners and we could face a excellent of adult to €240 (£212). Harsh.

The reason for this remarkable strictness? An increasing concentration on safeguarding Rome’s beauty and gripping a chronological stress safe.

You can no longer eat pizza by Rome's famous fountains
(Picture: Getty)

Rome’s metropolitan military will be monitoring fountains and other chronological spots for any signs of contravention or vandalism, so that any disobedient tourists can be fast private from a area and given a good revelation off… and that excellent we mentioned.

‘Everyone contingency honour Rome’s beauty,’ pronounced Mayor Virginia Raggi. ‘We have to strengthen a city, culture is important.’

That’s us told. Stick to eating your pizza in restaurants, in a park, or while sticking on to your date on a Vespa. Just as delightful, though but a risk of a large excellent and a good understanding of open shaming.

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