Your subsequent prolonged weekend mangle should be a Greek cruise. Yes, really

Your subsequent weekend mangle should be a Greek cruise. Yes, really
The good boat Olympia in all her excellence (Picture: Celeystyal Cruises)

When we hear a word ‘cruise’ a few thoughts cocktail into your head.

Villa breaks in Italy – conduct to Chianti for a cut of foodie heaven

These substantially include: your dad’s arriving retirement; a Titanic; or a gaseous talent of a one and usually Jane McDonald.

What we substantially don’t consider is: ‘That’s my subsequent holiday sorted.’

But we should.

I recently went on my initial ever journey – a three-day journey around a Greek islands (with a discerning stop-off in Turkey).

Much to my parents’ horror, I’ve been banging on about fancying a journey for a integrate of years now.

While they like to go off gallivanting around India for weeks on finish like a integrate of teenagers, we usually wish to fall on a sunbed somewhere prohibited and sensitively devour double my endorsed daily stipend of food and booze.

Unsurprisingly, we took to cruising like a steep to water.

In fact, it turns out we took to cruising a bit too well, as we suffered from land illness on my return.

Who even knew land illness was a thing?

I’ve apparently missed my loyal job as a sailor.

Your subsequent weekend mangle should be a Greek cruise. Yes, really
My cosy cabin (Picture: Siam Goorwich)

We boarded a ship, a Celestyal Olympia, in Athens.

I’d never been there before and immediately realised this was a travesty.

The city is buzzy and colourful and worldly and worldly and, many importantly, awash with affordable taxis (one of my comprehensive fave attributes in a new place).

Like Barcelona, it gives we both city and beach, and we will unequivocally be streamer behind for some weekend mangle movement in a nearby future.

Your subsequent weekend mangle should be a Greek cruise. Yes, really
Fifty shades of blue on Mykonos (Picture: Siam Goorwich)

From Athens, we took to the Aegean Sea, sailing until we reached Mykonos – that we did usually in time for a light, dusk ramble adult to a iconic windmills and turn a shop-lined behind streets.

There we had a nightfall Aperol Spritz, and an definitely tasty port-side cooking during Vegera Mykonos – we positively have to sequence a dakos salad (a turn on a Greek salad, with tomatoes, capers, feta and hulk rusk croutons), and tiropita (a normal Greek cheese cake that’ll make we broke you’ve ever finished anything else with cheese or pastry).

Your subsequent weekend mangle should be a Greek cruise. Yes, really
The hull during Ephesus are truly monumental (Picture: Siam Goorwich)

By 11pm we were all safely behind aboard a Olympia, and sailing towards a subsequent end – Kusadasi, in Turkey.

Our stop-off in Turkey was one of my highlights of a trip.

This is because, shamefully, I’d never been to Turkey before (I have, however, eaten some-more than my satisfactory share of Adana kebabs), and since we went to a ancient hull of Ephesus.

I mostly bashful divided from excursions like this; when we go on holiday, we usually wish to switch off and, well, slob out.

But we positively desired a revisit to Ephesus.

Our beam was great, a object was lucent down and a hull unequivocally are flattering mind-blowing.

On a approach behind to a train we bought a trouser fit (harem pants and short-sleeved shirt) emblazoned with a ancient pitch for a brothel for 20 Euros.

It was a rarely successful excursion.

Your subsequent weekend mangle should be a Greek cruise. Yes, really
Take me behind to Patmos (Picture: Siam Goorwich)

Just after midday, we were behind on a open sea, cruising towards Patmos.

Ah, Patmos – what a dream.

There are a few opposite outing options when we get to Patmos, though we petition we to omit all a estimable informative stuff, and conduct loyal to Agriolivado beach.

On this journey this is your usually possibility to get some beach movement (unless you’re fluctuating your outing in some way), and Agriolivado – with a scenic views and clean, transparent waters – is flattering bloody perfect.

Your subsequent weekend mangle should be a Greek cruise. Yes, really
The food was ‘meh’ though a watermelon art was initial class! (Picture: Siam Goorwich)

That night, we had cooking on a ship.

The Celestyal Olympia has 5 dining options – trimming from an a la grant grill to a poolside buffet.

The food served in any was some-more or reduction a same, though my favourite was a Leda Buffet – a loose grill on a pool deck, with a splendid and spacious feel.

I didn’t consider a food on a boat wasn’t super-duper out-of-this-world amazing.

There is, however, a outrageous accumulation on offer, so we have to be picky to not find anything we like.

If we have any dietary mandate we will be diligently catered for.

One of my organisation was gluten intolerant, one was veggie and we don’t eat pig or shellfish.

The kitchen went out of their approach to make certain we were all good fed.

The boat docks during slightest once a day, so, if we unequivocally want, we can always provide yourself to something some-more to your fondness when we strech dry land.

Your subsequent weekend mangle should be a Greek cruise. Yes, really
You unequivocally can’t kick a giveaway frappe! (Picture: Siam Goorwich)

The subsequent morning we awoke in Crete.

I’m going to acknowledge something that we never ever in a million years suspicion I’d say, but… we didn’t get off a ship.

I know, I’m that person.

Let me explain.

I’ve been to Crete before (shut up, we haven’t finished yet), and a organisation outing was to a hull of a Minoan Palace of Knossos – where I’ve also been before.

And, well, we unequivocally wanted to work on my tan.

Yes, we substantially should have got off and during slightest had a tiny ramble around a pier area.

But there were object loungers, swimming pools, and an unconstrained supply of nominal frappes on board, so on house is where we stayed.

Your subsequent weekend mangle should be a Greek cruise. Yes, really
Ta-da! My unequivocally possess snap of Santorini (Picture: Siam Goorwich)

By 11.30am we’d set journey again, and this time we were headed for Santorini, where we indeed worried to disembark.

I was unequivocally looking brazen to visiting Santorini.

My Instagram feed seems to be constantly flooded with cinema of a colour-pop cliff-side villages.

During a 4 hours on a island, we visited Santorini’s dual categorical towns – Oia, where all a jaw-dropping cinema are taken, and Fira, a island’s capital, from where we take a wire automobile behind to a ship.

Expectations were high, though a ubiquitous accord from my organisation was that Santorini was a bit of a let-down.

The categorical problem was that it was busier than rush hour on a Northern line.

There were tourists everywhere.

You could frequency see a Instagram-famous views for a selfie sticks, SLRs and smugly sunburned honeymooners.

We sought retreat in Thalami, a cliff-side grill where we treated my tastebuds to dual internal delicacies: Santorini tomato fritters, that are one of a tip 5 things anyone’s ever finished with a tomato in a story of tomatoes); and fava dip, that is fundamentally a love-child of hummus and daal, and is deliciously moreish.

Then we headed behind to a journey and ate a second dinner, since holidays.

Your subsequent weekend mangle should be a Greek cruise. Yes, really
Another design of Mykonos, because, well, usually demeanour during it! (Picture: Siam Goorwich)

As it was a final dusk on board, we motionless to take a thrust and do something we’d been putting off for a past dual nights – go and see a show.

The Olympia might be a tiny ship, during slightest compared to some of a super liners, though in loyal cruise-ship tradition, there’s a nightly opening by their in-house company

Despite a initial reluctance, a uncover was usually a right side of camp, and done a change to my common nightly Netflix binge behind home.

There’s also a disco, karaoke, a casino, and all sorts of other activities day and night.

Your subsequent weekend mangle should be a Greek cruise. Yes, really
One final frappe for a highway (Picture: Siam Goorwich)

Then subsequent morning we were behind in Athens, where we enjoyed one final frappe underneath a Greek sun, before reluctantly streamer home.

So here’s a thing; we consider cruises are great.

They’re a collect ‘n’ brew of holidays.

I desired being on a ship, waking adult in my tiny cabin, and interlude off for a tiny ambience of lots of opposite destinations but carrying to container and empty my box a million times.

Oh, and a entrance to total giveaway cocktails wasn’t bad either.

How to get there

I trafficked with Celestyal Cruises ( +30 216 400 9999) on an Iconic Aegean three-day journey to 4 Greek islands and Ephesus on house a Celestyal Olympia.

Prices are from £397 pp (full house basis, including total drinks package and dual seaside excursions).

Return flights from Heathrow to Athens are from £239.69 with Aegean Airways.

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